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Andrew Orozco

I am a Substitute Teacher with a B.A. in History and a love for Videogames, Pokémon, Star Wars, Final Fantasy, and many other fandoms.

Ahsoka Episode 6 Raises Some New Questions


I'm a big fan of anything geek. Ranging from Marvel to DC. Video Games or Anime. I love to talk about it whenever it fits into conversation, and I love sharing my knowledge of such subjects with anyone who has interest.

Scarlet and Violet; Paradox, Raids, Spades Oh My!

David Furr

Star Wars Geek since the beginning. Grew up on Star Wars and stayed with it even through the "dark times". I collect the Lego Star Wars line and do still have my vintage toys from the 70's and 80's. Also a big MCU fan and am a recurring panelist on GNN's Marvel Mondays live streams.

Fan Expo Descends on Texas Metroplex

Devin Stewart

I have been involved in the world of geekdom my entire life. Growing up on Star Wars, watching Star Trek on tv with parents every Saturday evening, my dad teaching me to play Dungeons and Dragons, to the litany of videogames I now own. You can typically find me in my articles on here, or on our Twitch channel @GNN_GAMING under the name RETROPIECE THEATRE, or RETRO for short. See you in the multiverse friends and stay geeky

Jason David Frank, 49, Has Passed Away

Jacob Mahady

I am a writer from San Diego with a Master's Degree in English Literature. My passions and hobbies include Star Wars, the outdoors, movies, and literature. Alongside pop culture news and reviews, I enjoy writing films and shows in my free time. I also love to hike, surf, and fish. I also run my own Star Wars website on the side,

The Women of Star Wars

Dana Martin

Dana Martin, a devoted Sci-Fi and Star Wars fan, balances his love for writing with 20+ years of business and people management expertise. With an MBA and EdD in Organizational Leadership, he excels as a passionate Leadership Coach. Dana embraces his roles as a husband, father, grandfather, people leader, musician, vocalist, actor, and podcaster, showcasing his well-rounded nature in every aspect of life.

My Comic Con Debut: Community, Celebrities, and Cosplay

Zachary Furr

The In Constant Writer. Author of The In Constant Chronicles and The Nailbed Memos. Geekdoms lie mainly with Halo, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. I can fence with Trekkies and Whovians as well. Never seen BattleStar though.

Fallout 33 – Quantum Prime

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