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Book Review

Alexander Ferrick is back with a 200-page magical prequel to his book Aetherstorm, called Demonslayer. Ferrick takes the reins once again with a thrilling...

Book Review

After writing a few reviews on popular series, I decided to take a turn into the pile of stories that most people don’t know...

Book Review

The Texas “Snowmageddon” trapped me in my house without electricity and the luxury of scrolling through Tiktok when I got bored. Instead, I took...

Book Review

I read Heir of Fire. And if you haven’t yet, you should. You should also scroll to the next story and then come back...

Book Review

Almost two months after I read the first book of the Throne of Glass series, I was finally able to read the second book;...


2020 was an absolute, spectacular, like-watching-The-Star-Wars-Holiday-Special-on-repeat, mess. That includes my first attempt of cosplaying. I decided to start cosplay towards the last few months...

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