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David Furr

Star Wars Geek since the beginning. Grew up on Star Wars and stayed with it even through the "dark times". I collect the Lego Star Wars line and do still have my vintage toys from the 70's and 80's. Also a big MCU fan and am a recurring panelist on GNN's Marvel Mondays live streams.

Disney Plus

In August of 2008 a theatrical film of Star Wars: The Clone Wars was released and served a jump start to the series that...


As we approach Valentines day love is in the air and there are many of us in geekdom that dream of the perfect “Geek...


In 1985 the Star Wars universe did something that no one thought possible. There was a dark time when its relevance was greatly reduced...


According to the popular social media site TikTok is experiencing an invasion of the little plastic bricks you and I both love known...

Disney Plus

Rumors have been flying around the internet the last few days that there may be a another season or possibly a sequel to “Star...

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