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Omega: A Star Wars Story

Omega through the ages on the Bad Batch - LucasFilms

Omega’s story can’t end with The Bad Batch, it MUST continue and needs to be told! We need more Omega with the cliffhanger ending at the end of The Bad Batch and her leaving to join The Rebellion. She can’t just be a side character in a future Star Wars series or movie, she has proven to the fans that she a lead character and deserves to be treated as such.

Omega joined Clone Force 99 after The Bad Batch series started and quickly became a beloved character in the series and a valued member of the team. During The Bad Batch we learned a lot about her past prior to her being introduced and we then see how Omega was trained and taught by the members of Clone Force 99. From Tech teaching Omega how to fly and identify carious starships to Hunter teaching teaching her how to survive and more, Omega was becoming a stronger fighter  and teammate to the group. Her return to Mount Tantiss, had Omega put together all the skills she learned from her brothers in Clone Force 99.

Tech teaching Omega to fly starships in the Bad Bad Batch – Disney and LucasFilms

At the end of The Bad Batch, we learn that Omega stayed on Pabu with her team and around ten years later was leaving to join the rebellion and fight The Empire. During this clip we notice the difference in the aging of Hunter and Omega, Hunter is aging at twice the speed since he is an altered clone where Omega is aging normally since she is unaltered. This would put her in her late teens or early twenties when she leaves Pabu.

It’s what comes next that has Star Wars fans wanting to know more. The story of how Omega finds and joins the rebellion needs to be told as well as seeing how she proves herself to the Rebellion in order to be trusted to be a pilot and included in more important missions.

The story of how Omega joins the Rebellion can then end with Omega leading a team of others in the Rebellion.  She would be able to defy the odds and strike a massive blow to the Empire. This can lead to a chain of events taking place to benefit the Rebellion somehow. Or, she could have found a way to get more fighters or other ships for the Rebellion which would help grow the fleet before the attack on the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi. This would help explain how the rebel fleet grew between Hoth and Endor when they fought the second Death Star.

Clone Force 99 – Disney and LucasFilms

Clone Force 99 can even have a cameo or small role in the story. Omega can call them for advice on how to accomplish an important task or critical mission where their expertise can come in handy. Maybe Omega brings Clone Force 99 in for one more hurrah to stick it to the Empire or to join the Rebellion in a non-fighting role. The Rebellion can always use some instructors to help train their soldiers and what better a job for some aging clones than to share their knowledge and experience.
As trained and determined as Omega is from her time with Clone Force 99 and how much we have learned about her from The Bad Batch series, it would be a loss for the fans to not know what comes next for Omega and how she contributes to the fight against the Empire.

Omega has accomplished so much at such a young age. As she is not a genetically altered clone, she ages at a normal speed compared to the other clones in the Republic. With Omega being in her late teens or early twenties when she leaves Pabu, she has a lifetime of adventures to tell and the fans want to watch them take place in her own story.

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