Paper Mario Re-Unfolds On Switch This May

Paper Mario held many adventures during his time with Nintendo. Whether its embarking on a quest to rescue Star Spirits, or teaming with 3-D counterparts in Paper Jam, the 2-D hero always folds into action! And now arriving to Nintendo Switch on May 23rd, Mario returns to the bustling town of Rogueport in a revamped version of The Thousand-Year Door! For those who are hearing about this game for the first time, fret not! For we at Geek News Now are here to enlighten our dear viewers on this exciting adventure where everyone’s favorite plumber gets 2-Dimesional.

With introductions out of the way, allow us to introduce the story of the mythical Crystal Stars.

Paper Mario: The Adventure Unfolds

Mario and Co unlocking the Thousand-Year secret. Image from techraptor.net

Our story begins in the town of Rogueport where Princess Peach and Toadsworth are enjoying a relaxing vacation. Peach purchases a mysterious map containing the location of mythical items known as Crystal Stars. After sending the map to Mario via mail, Peach is kidnapped by a thuggish group called X-Naughts prior to the plumber’s entrance to Rogueport. After saving a Goomba named Goombella, the pair team up to save Princess Peach and unlock the mystery of the ancient Thousand-Year Door.

However, X-Naught leader Sir Grodus has other plans for the Mushroom Kingdom Princess. What secrets lie behind the Thousand-Year Door? And will our hero rescue the Princess in time?

Adventure with Allies

Lineup of partners available to assist. Image from goldteamrulez.wordpress.com

The key aspect to Paper Mario is of course the Partners you make along the way. As you travel various locations, some of the colorful characters you’ll meet will be more than happy to assist you during your journey to collect the Crystal Stars. Here are a couple of the partners you’ll meet along the way:

  • Goombella: A total bookworm, this perky gal can inform you of enemy details during combat. Furthermore, her headbonks can deal serious damage with the right method.
  • Koops: Although a rather shy guy (heh), the young brave Koopa can strike multiple grounded targets with a single shell strike. However, he won’t be able to be of much help if the enemy is above the ground.
  • Madame Flurrie: Aiming to be a top-of-the-line actress, Flurrie assists Mario during his journey with use of strong winds and powerful physical attacks. She can even assist outside of battle to reveal secrets not yet discovered.

And these are just a couple of allies that’ll assist our hero during his quest. A new mechanic introduced in this remake is the useful Ally Wheel. When outside of combat, simply press the L button, and a mini-menu will pop up. With this tool, you’ll be able to swap partners at the turn of a page. Furthermore, be sure to collect the Shine Sprites scattered across various levels. They may just prove useful later on.

Paper Mario Shapes Up

Fold into a plane to glide over gaps. Image from mariowiki.com

Another unique function in Thousand Year Door is Mario’s ability to fold into different forms. Thanks to a mysterious entity, the plumber can now navigate the world around him much easier than ever. These abilities can help him navigate hazards, solve puzzles, and even uncover more secrets. The available forms include:

  • Airplane Mode: Fold into a paper plane to glide across large gaps that can’t normally be jumped across.
  • Paper Mode: Become even more 2-Dimensional to squeeze through tiny gaps.
  • Tube Mode: Roll into action in order to pass gaps that normally can’t be crossed.
  • Boat Mode: Cross large bodies of water, but watch out for those tricky hazards. And don’t just go for a swim, if even if the water is made of paper.

With these abilities, Mario is sure to be able get the Crystal Stars and save Princess Peach.

100 Level Mayhem

Main layout for the Pit of 100 Trials. Image from tcrf.net

For those that are all too familiar with The Thousand-Year Door since its GameCube days, you’ll also be familiar with the dreaded Pit of 100 Trials!

Meant mainly as a Post-game adventure, this area will have you face off against various enemies, one floor at a time. However, each floor will be harder than the last. So, be sure to ready you and your allies before facing this treacherous trial. Of course, every 10 levels there will be an opportunity to leave the pit early if you’re not ready. Furthermore a secret boss awaits you at the end, but it won’t be so happy you awoken it from its slumber.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door will release for Nintendo Switch on May 23rd (Tomorrow). Pre-orders are still available in the Nintendo E-Shop, if you are interested in (re)playing this GameCube classic. But, you let us know in the comments below. Are you excited to relive your childhood? What are your expectations for this revamped classic?

Also, be sure to checkout our Facebook page, as we keep our viewers up-to-date on the latest happenings. Have a tear-ific adventure, everyone! And remember, Stay Geeky!

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