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Star Wars

Hondo Ohnaka: A Star Wars Story

Ohnaka, A Star Wars Story
Ohnaka, A Star Wars Story


Ohnaka, A Star Wars Story

Ohnaka, A Star Wars Story

With May the 4th around the corner, Star Wars memes are EVERYWHERE and leading among them are “Insert Character Name Here” a Star Wars Story. With so many characters to choose from, we need a Star Wars story about everyone’s favorite pirate, Hondo Ohnaka. There is so much about Hondos life that is unknown but he plays such a big role in the Clone Wars and Rebels. A story about part of Hondo’s life would add so much to the character that we do not know.

When we meet Hondo during the Clone Wars, he is already in charge of his own pirate brigade and fleet of ships. This isn’t a small operation, his base even has a restaurant/club and the means to imprison Jedi and Sith, such as Obiwan, Anakin and Count Dooku. His base is reminiscent of Captain Hook’s base in Hook.

Hondo Ohnaka in Star Wars the Clone Wars – LucasArts, Disney

He already has all these resources when he first appears on screen but we never hear how he managed to acquire them and build his pirate empire. This information would give the background needed to understand how someone like Hondo would be incharge of a murderous pirate gang when he seems to have a torn heart throughout the series.
Hondo goes from being an evil pirate to helping the Jedi to even being a mentor to Ezra in Rebels. Money is always on the table when it comes to Hondo but with him being so established, Hondo’s story is one of mystery.

I would love to see or read a story of how Hondo was able to acquire a ship, join a pirate band and, using his words and wit, be able to take over the group and be its leader. The missions that Hondo has completed to help fund his empire, build his base and pay his pirates for their loyalty.

There is another section of Hondo’s life that we also don’t know much about. There are stories that took place between the events of the Clone Wars and Rebels. In the 14 years between both shows, we know that Hondo has lost his group and his base and is currently running around with Melch trying to find the big score for them to be set for life

Hondo Ohnaka in Star Wars Rebels – LucasArts, Disney.

These 14 years would have shown some ups and downs for Hondo just based on how he was last seen in the Clone Wars and how he was seen in Rebels. Rebels ends (minus the epilogue) in 1 BBY. The epilogue takes place in 4 ABY, and Ahsoka takes place in 11 ABY. If the ride in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, called Smuggler’s Run is considered canon, it takes place in 34 ABY with Hondo owning his own shipping company called “Ohnaka Transport Solutions” and he even has an agreement with Chewbacca to use the Millennium Falcon. That is another story I would love to hear, how Hondo got Chewie to agree to this, especially if this agreement took place prior to Han Solo dying in 34 ABY. Han would never allow someone to use his ship, especially another smuggler or pirate, and Hondo can be considered both.

Hondo Ohnaka’s Logo – LucasArts, Disney

These are the characters that are made for Star Wars stories, the ones who play a big role but with little backstory but we learn enough about who they are to be invested in them and want to know more about their lives.

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