Video Game Adaptations Are Great Now! What 5 Do We Want To See Next?

If you’ve been living under a rock, or perhaps been outside enjoying the fresh air for the last few years, then you may not know that video game adaptations on the big (and little) screen are actually pretty great now!

In recent years, television has witnessed a remarkable surge in successful adaptations of video games, captivating audiences with their well done narratives and stunning visuals. This trend signals a significant shift in the entertainment industry, where the once-overshadowed medium of video games now serves as a diamond mine for cinematic storytelling. Shows like Netflix’s The Witcher and Castlevania have not only received critical acclaim but have also managed to faithfully capture the essence of their source material, much to the delight of their dedicated fan bases.

These adaptations excel by weaving the worlds and lore of video games into formats that are both accessible to newcomers and satisfying to long-time fans. . Moreover, they benefit from the freedom that series formats provide, allowing for a more nuanced exploration of characters and settings than typical movie adaptations. I think it also helps that a lot of these directors, producers, and writers have intimate knowledge of the works they are adapting and hold them in high regard! HBO’s The Last Of Us, Peacock’s Twisted Metal, and now Amazon’s Fallout have all been perfect examples of prestige video game adaptations!

The only question left now is, “What do we want to see next?”. I took to the GNN Greats Facebook page to see what people want adapated.

Final Fantasy

Friend of the site, and frequent co-host of The Geek Gauntlet, Jenae Elix suggested that she would love to see an adaptation of Final Fantasy done. When asked how would a massive franchise be squished down to the tv screen she said: original story could be cool but I think 7 ,8 and 9 would be cool. Not sure if she knew this, but there were plans to make a TV show set in the MMO Final Fantasy XIV‘s world. Unfortunately it was canceled, but the dream of a TV show based on SquareEnix’s flagship series still lives on in the hearts of many, myself included. Ideally I would approach it with an original story, much like Jenae suggested, and not base it on any one game.

We may never get that Final Fantasy XIV show, but we can always daydream about what it could have been.

But rather pick up familar elements from across the game series and mix them into something unique. Basing it solely on one game puts you in a dilemma of having it compared to the game. Include some black mages, summoned creatures like Ifrit and Bahamut, and definitely include Chocobos and Moogles. Do that and I think there is still plenty of room for creative story-telling.

Assassin’s Creed

Jenae again suggested this one as well, but so did Gary Kerr. Jenae said: “I want to see Desmond from the first games” and Gary chimed in with: “I would love to see an Assassin’s Creed, especially Odyssey or Black Flag“. Both of them have great taste as I am very fond of the first three AC games, and Odyssey is my favorite game in the entire series. Michael Fassbender actually starred in an Assassin’s Creed film a couple years back and it wasn’t all that well-received ( I never saw it).

Michael Fassbender(Right) in the 2016 Assassin’s Creed film. Probably the closest we’ll get to a series.

So perhaps it would be a good idea to do that franchise justice and make an actual great adaptation. How would I go about it? I would do an original story/setting, maybe finally give the people what they want and set in Japan, and leave out all the “modern day” stuff for at least the end to make a big reveal.

Resistance: Fall Of Man

The Resistance franchise is one that has been ignored by PlayStation for the last decade. In fact the last entry, Resistance: Burning Skies, came out in 2012 on PS Vita. And with the slate of adaptations that Sony is doing maybe this franchise could use a defibilator to bring it back to life with a good series on a streaming service. The series focuses on different protagonists as the events of WW2 play out differently when an alien invasion of creatures, the Chimera, interrupt the war.

The chimera in Resistance 3 are no joke.

I wouldn’t have thought of it has it not been for Andy Spence chiming in on the GNN Greats page, he said: “I think the Resistance series, Fall of Man, Liberation, 2 & 3 would make a fantastic series! I think it would look great as a live action or animated project.” He makes a valid point. How cool would it be to tackle the game from a boots-on-the-ground perspective and see how the various WW2 forces would handle the invading alien chimera in short vignettes. Make it happen PlayStation!

Baldur’s Gate

Surprising everyone last year, Baldur’s Gate 3 was a surprise smash hit that took multiple Game Of The Year awards! So it makes sense that some would want to see the Dungeons and Dragons phenomenon adapted to a TV series. Sean Fox on GNN Greats said: “Baldurs Gate 3 from the point of view of one of the origin characters. Remove Tav (the player’s character), remove Sarevok, and remove Minsc (I wasnt a fan of how BG3 used lore/characters from BG 1 and 2 aside form Jaheira)”.

If it means getting a live-action depiction of ShadowHeart, then I am game.

Personally I have put in about 20 hours into BG3 and I definitely see the appeal. Magic, monsters, dramatic characters, rich story and lore all in the D&D setting. And while it didn’t send waves at the box office, last year’s Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves received massive acclaim! I could see it working in the same manner as Netflix’s The Witcher series. Have multiple seasons with a central conflict that brings these adventurers together and let them have a good time. I’d tune in for that.

Days Gone

Over on the Temple Of Nerdom Facebook page, Mike Vincent said he would want Days Gone to get some sort of story treatment for a series: “Keep it as close to the source material as possible. And if the original motion capture and voice actor is unavailable, then Jensen Ackles could fill the role, I’m pretty sure.” While it seems like the zombie fad has completely died off now, I think Mike is on to something. Days Gone has it’s own kind of zombies (Freakers) that are hyper aggressive and have a herd mentality like in the film World War Z.

Deacon St. John (the main character of the game) roams the north west of the USA completing odd jobs with his friend Boomer in the hopes he might find his wife who disappeared at the start of the outbreak several years earlier. I think that kind of “lost love” plotline might be something that might resonate with audiences that can’t be bothered to play the games. Mike Vincent, I’m with you on this one! There were rumors a couple years ago that Sony was interested in making a movie based on it, but they have been pretty quiet since then.

Closing Thoughts

We have come a long way from mediocre game adaptations like Mortal Kombat:Conquest, Doom (yup, with the Rock), and the live-action Resident Evil films (The Milla Jovovich ones). They’re finally being done right by people who actually respect and appreciate the video game properties they are adapting! What do you fine folks think? Rather see another unnamed franchise get the live-action treatment?

Let us know in the comment section. We always enjoy reading your responses. And I love reacting to them! Be sure to follow us on Facebook here. If you would like your opinion possiobly included in a future piece be sure to also foolow the GNN Greats page as well! As always, stay geeky out there!

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