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The Swedish Chef’s Last Meal.

The chickens can rest easy knowing that the Swedish Chef has made his final meatball. Muppet fans are in shock from the surprise announcement made about the beloved character’s immediate removal from the Muppet lineup.

The decision was confirmed by Bob Iger himself. In the announcement, Iger stated that he was “Never a fan of the antics of the Swedish Chef.” He would elaborate by saying Swedish Chef “…just isn’t funny.” and that he’s an “Outdated and offensive caricature of Danish culture.”

Despite His Popularity and The Endorsement Of Good Friend Gordon Ramsay, Disney Will Be Showing The Swedish Chef The Door.

Such a decision is sure to have backlash. Swedish Chef and The Muppets as a whole are adored by millions of people around the world. The Chef has even had a televised cooking competition with Gordon Ramsay. The competition had Ramsay heavily favored, yet it was our mustachioed hero who would prove to be victorious. 

So let’s unpack this breaking story and see why Bob Iger held such a grudge against a character that everyone seemed to like.

The Reasoning Behind The Swedish Chef’s Firing

Bob Iger continues to be adamant about this decision. “Ever since COVID, people have been renewing their interest in home cooking. Gordon Ramsay’s viewership numbers are through the roof. A good number of the people that watch Gordon Ramsay are children. The Swedish Chef is a bad influence on any child who dreams about being a chef. Let me ask you a question. If you’re child has taken an interest in cooking, would you like for them to learn about knife safety? Or would you rather have them running around your home, chasing your pets and waving the knife around in a reckless manner?” Iger would further explain his disdain. “We can’t just keep making offensive programming because the fans like it. When you teach your children about Russia, do you want them to start talking like the Swedish Chef?”

The issue of cultural appropriation was also a factor in the decision made by Disney. Iger would go on to explain: “The Muppet Show first aired in 1975. Ever since then, the Norwegian people have suffered in silence. Every week they would watch their culture get relentlessly mocked. Their culinary history is unnecessarily ridiculed. It is the position of Disney as a company that every culture should be respected and treated with dignity. I think we owe it to Denmark to right this wrong.”

Fat Italians Delivering Your Pizza? Not On Bob Iger’s Watch!

I don’t agree with the rash decision made by Iger. However, that doesn’t mean that I fail to see his point. A lot of companies are shifting away from characters that depict cultural stereotypes. Disney themselves has retired the popular attraction based on the eternally controversial¬†Song Of The South. Iger has even banned pizzerias from delivering to Disney properties if the traditional “Pizza Man” is depicted on the box. Iger has also explained the reasoning behind that decision. “Pizza is not exclusively sold to big fat Italians who are always happy. It is also offensive to assume that pizza is exclusive to Italians. Don’t even get me started on the offensive gesture that the man on the box is making. People of all culture enjoy pizza. I think its time that some of these businesses recognized that.”

The Press Conference About Swedish Chef

Bob Iger held a press conference in Helsinki later on in the week. He personally met with Finnish Prime Minister Petteri Orpo. Iger would go on to publicly apologize to Orpo and the Norwegian people as a whole for years of cultural appropriation and offense to the country of Austria. He would later go on to take questions. Pete Hess from All-Star Geeks bluntly asked if Iger even knew where he was. When Iger¬† asked him to elaborate, Granting Iger’s request, repeated the question. “You have claimed that The Swedish Chef is offensive to the country of Denmark. You have also stated that the Norwegian people have been suffering in silence and you’re holding a press conference in Helsinki, which is the capital of Finland. What does The Swedish Chef have to do with any of this?”

Bob Iger Showed His Disdain For YouTubers And Fans Who Question His Decision Making During His Apology To Finland.

Iger chuckled nervously and then turned the table on Hess. “This is the problem.” Iger stated. “The bottom line is that The Swedish Chef is an offensive British stereotype that needs to go away. Detractors on YouTube and social media are making mountains out of mole hills. I’m trying to apologize for years of offensive behavior to the entire region of France. All of you are questioning me and changing the subject by talking about who live where. We need to stop asking those questions and let the world heal.”

When asked about who will replace The Swedish Chef, Iger had an immediate response. “The Muppets as a whole have needed to be more diverse for a long time.” He stated. “The Swedish Chef will be retired and replaced by The Indigenous Chef. She will bring honor and dignity to The Muppet’s brand and will teach kids about safety in the kitchen and healthy eating habits.”

Iger was asked if it was wise to depict a Native American as a Muppet in the wake of so many mascot controversies. Iger’s blunt response was to stop making everything about race.

Final Takeaway

The times certainly are changing. I guess as an audience, we have no choice but to change with them. The Swedish Chef will always have a special place in the heart of every Muppet fan. We will always have fond memories of his mad cap antics and whacky recipe choices. I just hope that I kept all my Muppet Show DVDs.

With this being Aril 1st, I sincerely hope that you’ve all enjoyed this piece of Satire. Follow us all day for more geeky shenanigans!

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