New Star Wars Disney+ Mockumentary “The Senate” Announced

In a galaxy far, far away, Lucasfilm has announced its latest venture into the Star Wars universe, but this time, with a twist that is as unexpected as it is humorous. Titled The Senate, this mockumentary series promises to take fans on a hilarious behind-the-scenes journey through the daily operations of the Galactic Senate during the tumultuous last days of the Republic.

Drawing inspiration from iconic television shows like The West Wing and The Office, The Senate aims to blend political drama with workplace comedy, all set against the backdrop of one of the most beloved sci-fi franchises in history.

Kathleen Kennedy and Jon Favreau making the announcement together from the janitor’s office at Pinewood Studios,

Kathleen Kennedy, President of Lucasfilm, expressed her excitement about the project in a recent press release: “With The Senate we’re exploring a side of the Star Wars universe that fans have never seen before. It’s a unique blend of humor, politics, and that classic Star Wars adventure. We can’t wait for audiences to see what life in the Galactic Senate is really like.”

Jon Favreau, who has been instrumental in the success of The Mandalorian and is now involved in the development of The Senate shared his thoughts on the creative process. “When we first pitched the idea, I thought, ‘Are we really going to do this?’ But the more we explored it, the more we realized how much fun we could have. There’s so much potential for humor in the daily grind of the Senate, amidst all the political intrigue and the backdrop of a galaxy on the brink of war. It’s been an absolute blast to work on.”

The Senators Themselves

The Senate will introduce audiences to a whole new cast of wacky Star Wars characters including:

  • Senator Sal Plokins(“Big Sal”): The bumbling, well-meaning senator who somehow always ends up causing more problems than he solves. His heart is in the right place, but his head is…somewhere in the Outer Rim. Despite his best efforts he can never get to the Senate meetings on time.

Rumors are swirling that John C. Reilly is in talks to portray Senator Sal Plokins.

  • Jinara Seras, the intern: A young and overly enthusiastic Twi’lek intern who assists the other senators with tasks and is actually a secret Separatist spy. Her attempts to balance her duties while also spying leads her into getting only half-truths with no context resulting in hilariously wrong reports to her Separatist handlers.


  • Senator Zekk Windu: A distant relative of Jedi Master Mace Windu, Zakk Windu is the Senator representing Haruun Kal and is obsessed with conspiracies. He always has a new whacky theory to present during Senate committees and believes the Supreme Chancellor is a Sith Lord without any proof whatsoever. No one takes him or his conspiratorial rants seriously.

Kevin Hart took to X/Twitter to announce he would be playing Zekk Windu.


  • CAUGHT-N4K: A protocol droid assigned to assist the senators, CAUGHT-N4K takes his job way too seriously, often quoting regulations and procedures at the most inopportune moments. His obsession with paperwork and protocol is a source of endless frustration—and comedy—for the Senate staff.


  • Senator Misk Lothario: The charming, smooth-talking Falleen senator from the planet Zeltron, who uses his natural pheromones to influence negotiations. Unfortunately, his powers are less effective than he believes, leading to a series of awkward encounters and failed diplomatic efforts. He’s mostly into politics in order to make himself richer.

Closing Thoughts

Kennedy and Favreau promise that The Senate will offer a fresh and comedic perspective on the Star Wars universe, providing both laughter and a deeper appreciation for the unsung heroes (and anti-heroes) of the Galactic Republic.

As the galaxy teeters on the edge of chaos, these unlikely characters find themselves navigating the absurdities of galactic politics, office romance, and interstellar bureaucracy, all while trying to save the universe in their own uniquely inept ways.

While the main Senate chamber will be a central setting of the show we will see a lot of the lower committee shared rooms and individual offices of the Senators.

Favreau hinted at potential cameo appearances by familiar faces, suggesting, “Don’t be surprised if a certain Jedi or two pops in for a committee meeting. And yes, we’re looking at you Master Yoda.” One thing is clear: the Force has a sense of humor, and it’s about to be unleashed on the Star Wars universe in a way never seen before.

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