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The Acolyte Trailer’s Reveal Shows You Cannot Satisfy All Star Wars “Fans”

The release of The Acolyte trailer has once again demonstrated a continuing narrative within the Star Wars fanbase: the impossibility of satisfying its vast audience. This phenomenon is not unique to The Acolyte but seems to be a recurring theme with most modern Disney-era Star Wars projects. The backlash often includes a wide range of criticisms, but among the most common are accusations of the franchise being “woke” or promoting “Marxism.” (Just head to the trailer’s YouTube page where it has endless negative comments)

These terms, frequently overused by some members of the fanbase, reveal a deeper misunderstanding of their actual meanings and (to a degree) the context of a space opera that has always been about broader themes of rebellion against tyranny and the importance of diversity and unity.


I Don’t Think That Word Means What You Think it Means

To begin with, the term “woke” is generally used to describe an awareness of social injustices and inequalities. However, in the context of The Acolyte trailer (and similar criticisms of recent Star Wars entries) it seems to have been repurposed as a negative term aimed at any attempt the franchise makes to explore themes beyond the same old  good-versus-evil narrative.

This criticism overlooks the fact that Star Wars, from the beginning, has been rooted in themes of rebellion, resistance, and the fight for freedom against oppressive regimes. Did we forget who the Rebels were rebelling against in the original trilogy?! The introduction of more diverse characters and stories that reflect a broader spectrum of experiences does not detract from the essence of Star Wars. It enriches the universe and makes it more reflective of the audience it serves. 


Also accusations of promoting “Marxism” demonstrate a misunderstanding of the term, which refers to the political and economic theories proposed by Karl Marx that advocate for a classless society and the abolition of private property. Applying this concept to the narrative or thematic elements of The Acolyte or any Star Wars project is a stretch, to say the least.

Star Wars has always explored themes of power, corruption, and economic disparity, but these explorations are within the framework of fantasy and science fiction, not a direct endorsement of a specific political ideology. When we see a movement of “eat the rich” against Queen Amidala by the Gungans or the Ugnaughts unionizing to overthrow Lando’s mining operation, then maybe I will agree…maybe.

How Soon Some Forget The Great Entries

Not only that, but the blanket dismissal of all modern Disney-era Star Wars projects as unworthy additions to the franchise reveals a nostalgic bias that overlooks the quality present in many of these projects. While it’s true that not every project has been universally acclaimed(*cough* Book Of Boba Fett *cough*), this era has brought us the beloved series The Mandalorian, which has been praised for its storytelling, character development, and respect for the Star Wars legacy.

“The Force is female”, my dude, there were two male Jedi prominently featured in the trailer, (Lee Jung-Jae)Master Sol and Jedi Knight Jord (Charlie Barnett).

And let us not forget the gripping and harrowing storytelling of Andor, which is arguably the best written Star Wars project we have ever experienced. Yet, for a very vocal portion of the fanbase, no project seems to measure up to the revered original trilogy, regardless of its merits.

The universe within this franchise is vast and varied, and its expansion through new stories and characters is essential for its continued relevance and survival. Yet, the backlash to trailers like that of The Acolyte will undermine the message of what we fans have been asking for, new stories away from the Skywalker family drama. We have to give this High Republic show a shot if we ever hope to get a bigger prize like an Old Republic or Darth Revan series.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding The Acolyte trailer and accusations of “wokeness” and “Marxism” show a disconnect between the intentions of the creators and the perceptions of a very loud segment of the fanbase. These criticisms often stem from a misunderstanding of the terms used and a resistance to the evolution of the franchise. It also doesn’t help that right now the parent company, Disney, is a punching bag for the big grifters and bad faith actors across the board. Honestly, most of us Star Wars fans dreamed of times like this, where there was so much Star Wars content that we have the luxury of being nit-picky.

I don’t know how you can see this scene and not be even remotely interested or hopeful about this series.

Star Wars, at its core, is about hope, resistance, and the belief in the power of the individual and the collective to effect change. What do you guys think? Am I off base on this one? Am I missing a key piece of the cultural narrative? Please respond in the comments if you think so. Be sure to check out some of our thematically lighter articles on and follow our Facebook page. You all stay geeky out there!

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