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Warner Media Ends Rooster Teeth

Warner is no stranger when it comes to poor reputation. Ever since the issues revolving around Ezra Miller and Amber Heard, the company faced a substantial backlash of hate toward their films and recently released video games. For example, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League received a below average gamer score on Metacritic. Simon Cardy of IGN even stated while the game had a good DC Comics story, it became overshadowed by the poor and repetitive gameplay. Even in recent years, the company continues to face hard times despite their best efforts.

However, Warner did try to do their best when it came to providing content for the consumer. For example, when AT&T sought to sell Rooster Teeth Productions in 2019, they became the first to buy it out. With the efforts of a growing Texas-based company and a DC-based industry combined, the possibilities were endless.

Unfortunately, the good times never last.

Warner’s Rooster Teeth Shutdown:

Warner shuts down Rooster Teeth due to lack of funding. Image from

Within just this past month, General Manager Jordan Levin announced on the Rooster Teeth website the company will shutdown, but will continue to remain active for however long until further notice. This was due to a severe lack of proper funds revolved around media output and advertisement (In other words, money issues). As a result, the company faced a massive employee layoff of well over 200+, consisting of managers, producers, engineers, etc.

To make matters worse, this announcement just so happened to coincide with the RWBY series reaching its supposed final season, as well as others such as Red vs Blue and Gen: Lock. Following the announcement of the company closing its doors, Warner addressed that they will be selling Rooster Teeth’s IP’s (Specifically RWBY). While they did state that they will continue to try and reach a conclusion to their story, there’s still no word if Volume 10 has been greenlit.

“Honestly? I’m mixed on it….” C. Rothfuss

“Surprised it didn’t happen sooner…..” K. Littner

The end of Rooster Teeth received some pretty mixed reviews from across various social media platforms. Some stating their condolences, others a resounding ‘good riddance’. Although, this didn’t come to a surprise to a grand number of individuals. Over the course of the companies’ run time, Rooster Teeth faced a variety of problems.

Long Time Coming:

Ryan Haywood (left) and Adam Kovic (Right). Image from

From allegations of assault to strict workplace environments, their reputation quickly dwindled. Furthermore, key members such as CEO Burnie Burns left, leaving the company in the hands of Warner. But it didn’t end there. When Rooster Teeth released a crossover comic involving RWBY x Justice League, a single panel featuring Glynda Goodwitch wielding a Dust Pistol sparked outcry of Plagiarism. The weapon in question had similar designs equal to one Chris Lee- a member of the company’s fanbase. Though this was resolved with a simple redo of the digital prints, I don’t think anyone will ever forget about it.

Another instance was problems within the workplace. Ryan Haywood of Achievement Hunter and Adam Kovic of Funhaus faced high levels of allegations involving privately leaked information that resulted in the two departing from the company- and social media altogether. Although we’d share what those were, the allegations are so severe in level, we’d rather leave it at that.

While the list goes on and on, it goes without saying that Rooster Teeth shutting down is probably for the best. With the constant poor decision making from higher management, it was only a matter of time before the ship finally gave way to the iceberg.

But, did Rooster Teeth really deserve the shutdown? Perhaps they could’ve explored other ways to save the company. But, you tell us how you feel in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you, fellow viewers. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page, as we keep ya’ll up-to-date on the latest happenings.

As always, Stay Geeky!

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