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Patty Jenkins Is Writing A Treatment For Rogue Squadron

Star Wars fans got some good news yesterday as writer/director Patty Jenkins announced the revival of Rogue Squadron.

Jenkins was recently on the¬†Talking Pictures¬†podcast when she revealed that her and Disney shelved the project due to the director’s commitment to Wonder Woman 3. With the shakeup at Warner with the DCU leading to the cancellation of Wonder Woman 3,¬†Jenkins has time on her schedule to “finish the deal” that she had with Disney.

The deal Jenkins refers to has been in place since last year. However, the WGA/SAGAFTRA strikes complicated things and hindered further progress.

Patty Jenkins Is Working On A Script For “Rogue Squadron”. Hopefully, We’ll See The X-Wing Take Flight On Screen Soon.

This will make Patty Jenkins the second woman to direct a feature film in the Star Wars Universe. Rogue Squadron was originally announced in 2020. Things went smoothly until delays started to hamper the progress of the film. In 2022, the black line of death struck and Rogue Squadron was crossed off the production schedule.

Kathleen Kennedy refused to say whether or not the project was canceled. She would say that the project comes up in conversation a lot. The decision was whether or not to develop it as a series, or as a feature film.

It looks like Patty Jenkins will finally have the opportunity to make her coveted fighter pilot movie after all.

“Rogue Squadron” Crowds An Already Packed Schedule

It has been a while since¬†Star Wars fans have had so much to look forward to. We have the three hyped up films that were announced at last year’s celebration. The Acolyte is slated to premier in June. Skeleton Crew, a pirate themed series led by Jude Law will also debut in 2024. Then, we have the recently announced¬†Mandalorian and Grogu film directed by Jon Favreau in production.¬†

Whenever he feels like resuming his work, Taika Waititi still has the green light on his project, along with a Lando Calrisian project. Andor is a much better show than the ratings indicated in season one. That’s why it is getting a season 2 set to premier in August.

The Mandalorian and Grogu Movie Is One Of Many Movies Packing A Busy LucasFilm Schedule.

Now,¬†Rogue Squadron is added to the mix. This is going to be a hectic, busy, stressful time for LucasFilm. They are going to be working around the clock. With that being said, this is a great time to be a¬†Star Wars¬†fan. I can’t recall a time in the history of the franchise when we’ve had this much content to look forward to.

I’m sure that some of these projects will be duds. Not everything will be a winner. However, I’m looking at this production schedule the way I look at opening day for Major League Baseball. Nobody has won or lost yet. It is a clean slate for everyone, and anything is possible.

What We Can Expect From Patty Jenkins

Patty Jenkins said when she was initially hired for the project that she wanted to honor the video game and the books.

This means that the movie would most likely take place after Star Wars Episode IV and be a precursor to The Empire Strikes Back in the same sense that Rogue One set up the events of Episode IV. While the video game focuses on Luke Skywalker battling the Empire with his team of pilots.

The Logical Choice For A Main Character In “Rogue Squadron” Is Wedge Antilles.

Mark Hamill is a little long in the tooth to be playing a young and spry fighter pilot. I’m not sure if Patty Jenkins would do a deep fake on him or not. Personally, I’m not a fan of deep fake technology. If I was Patty Jenkins, I would lean on the¬†X-Wing series written in the mid-nineties by Michael Stackpole. This would make Wedge Antilles the main character of the film. Antilles is easier to recast than Luke Skywalker. He also has the potential to build a bridge between the fandom, as he is a familiar name to original trilogy fans. Yet, newer fans might not know much about him so their interest would be piqued.

As I stated earlier, Patty Jenkins has always wanted to make a fighter pilot movie. I think Star Wars fans would eat that up. If you have two hours of dog fights between Tie Fighters and X-Wings interspersed with strategy being dictated by command centers, Jenkins could deliver to the fans the intense, action packed spectacle that Star Wars fans have been craving.

Final Takeaway

Right now, Patty Jenkins is in the process of getting the project off the ground again. I expect this to be the only news we get on¬†Rogue Squadron for a while. However, it is great news. Jenkins knows how to put together an action movie for the fans. She dealt with Gal Gadot’s inexperience expertly and delivered for the fans with the first¬†Wonder Woman¬†movie.

That is what the Star Wars franchise needs. A director who knows her cast and can balance a competent story with a proper amount of fan service will win fans over. As divided as the fanbase is right now, all it takes is one good project to get them to come together again.

I’m just excited about the potential to see awesome futuristic fighter pilot combat. Hopefully in IMAX.

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