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Oscar-Winning Composer Takes a Shot At Gamers?

Ludwig Göransson, the acclaimed composer known for his innovative musical work in film and television scores, recently sparked conversation and controversy with his remarks during this past weekend’s Oscars ceremony. Göransson, upon winning his 2nd Oscar for his work on the musical score of Oppenheimer, took a moment in his speech to thank his parents, but it was his choice of words that caught the attention of many. He told his parents, “Thank you for giving me guitars and drum machines, instead of video games!” This seemingly small expression of gratitude quickly became a talking point among various communities, particularly within the gaming world.

Göransson accepting his award.

The statement can be seen as Göransson highlighting the positive impact that musical instruments had on his career and professional life. By thanking his parents for providing him with tools that arguably steered him towards creativity and eventually led to significant professional achievements, Göransson put emphasis on the importance of musical instruments in his life. 

How Gamers Took it

However Göransson’s remark also touched a nerve within the gaming community. To some, it implied a somewhat dismissive view of video games, suggesting they might not offer the same value or potential for personal and professional growth as musical instruments do. The internet, being what it is, took to social media to voice its displeasure:

AllisonDeDecker tweeted: “I don’t know, I feel denigrating one art form to uplift another is in poor taste”. ValcioneSolis said: “Videogames are the only reason I’m interested in and have such an intense emotional connection with music in the first place, so I’m sorry this dude feels this way.

Some Tweets reacting to Göransson’s words.


Video games have long sought recognition as a true artistic medium next to movies, television, books, etc. The video game industry has become a massive economic force, providing careers for millions worldwide in game design, development, sound engineering, and more. In this context  Göransson’s comments, whether intended or not, seemed to overlook the contributions of gaming to culture, the world economy, and creative expression overall. While Göransson likely did not mean to diminish the importance or legitimacy of gaming, his comments serve as a reminder of how video games are viewed in contrast to more established forms of media.

In Defense Of…

As a gamer myself I don’t take Göransson’s words as any form of criticism against who I am or what I focus my energy on. I think he was speaking in the heat of the moment and genuinely felt that video games wouldn’t have been as personally fulfilling for him in the long run. His passion is clearly music and his talents would have been wasted had his parents not allowed him to explore drums and guitars.

Göransson did the theme for The Mandalorian, so he’s good in my book.

And to those who feel called out by his words allow me to say this. Elon Musk, one of the world’s richest and most powerful people in the world, is a huge gamer! Ninja made $100,000,000 in a deal with Microsoft to stream on their streaming service, Mixer. Michael Giacchino, a composer like Göransson, also has an Oscar, an Emmy and a few Grammys, got his start composing music for video games like Call of Duty and Medal Of Honor: Airborne

This is all to say that gamers shouldn’t make gaming be their whole and only identity and not feel so sensitive or defensive. 

Closing Thoughts

I respect Göransson and his body of work (He gave us the banger Creed trilogy soundtracks after all), he seems like a phenomenal guy! Could he have just thanked his parents for theguitar and drums and left it at that? Sure. He could have. But ultimately I just think he didn’t put too much thought into that comment and he must have assumed it would have been a funny one-off quip and that would be it. No one cares about insulting cinephiles, television viewers, or audiophiles. So let’s not make this into a big thing.

What do you readers think? Did Göransson take an unnecessary shot at gamers, or is it one big misunderstanding? Sound off in the comment section, I would love to read those responses. Be sure to subscribe to and check out our Twitter/X account here. As always, stay geeky out there!

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