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***Update!*** More X-Men ’97 Controversy Surfaces As Demayo Is Shown The Door

The X-Men are experts when it comes to saving the world onscreen. With that being said, who saves the X-Men from their writers and showrunners? I have addressed the woes that the reboot of the beloved X-Men series faces with Charley Feldman leading the writers.

Now, with just over a week before the premiere or¬†X-Men ’97,¬†another obstacle has been thrown up. Creator and showrunner Beau Demayo was suddenly fired last week by Marvel. Season one of the series is in the can and ready to go on March 20th. DeMayo has already planned out season two and was in loose talks about a possible season three before he was unceremoniously let go.

“X-Men ’97” Is Set To Premier Later In The Month. Unfortunately, The Show Is Moving On Without Showrunner Beau DeMayo.

From the outside looking in, this seems like a rash decision from the Marvel brass. DeMayo isn’t exactly the new kid on the block. He has experience with Marvel properties. Before¬†X-Men ’97,¬†DeMayo was a writer for¬†Moon Knight¬†and had a hand in early drafts of the upcoming¬†Blade reboot.

This is a real headscratcher indeed. So let’s all take a look at this story together and try to make some sense of it.

The Split-up Was Not Amicable.

What we know so far is that DeMayo and Marvel parted ways last week. He was not given a chance to say goodbye to the cast and crew. His company E-Mail was deactivated and his Instagram account which was used heavily to promote the highly anticipated cartoon has been deactivated.

Adding even more fuel to the fire of speculation is the fact that DeMayo will no longer be publicly promoting the series. He will also not be on the red carpet for the series premiere. Even with a parting of ways, not having a top creative be part of the festivities for the series they worked on is a curious scenario. To be fair, it hasn’t been made clear as to whether or not DeMayo was disinvited or if he has declined to attend. We probably won’t find out anytime soon, as¬†The Hollywood Reporter was unable to obtain an official comment from Marvel, or DeMayo himself.

Beau DeMayo Will Not Be On The Red Carpet To See His Childhood Dream Realized.

For what it’s worth, DeMayo seemed like the best man to run this project. Initially, he didn’t want anybody working on the project who was not an¬†X-Men¬†fan.

¬†Marvel Studio’s reluctance to hire comic book fans to work on their projects may have factored into this decision.

Abuse Allegations And Onlyfans

Part of the reason for such a hasty decision on Marvel’s part may have been how DeMayo promoted X-Men ’97. DeMayo promoted the show on¬†his non-explicit Onlyfans account. The account has since been disabled, but whether it was explicit or not; Onlyfans is not a site that Disney or Marvel Studios wants their names attached to.

This video from Clownfish TV also sheds some light on DeMayo’s popularity. DeMayo lost favor with a lot of people in Hollywood when he backed Henry Cavil on the set of The Witcher. He supported the notion of respecting the source material. Shortly after defending Cavil, DeMayo was off the project as well.

Beau DeMayo Allegedly Din’t Make Any Friends On The Set Of “The Witcher” When He Backed Up Henry Cavil Regarding Loyalty To SOurce Material.

Speaking purely from speculation and not from fact, this could have been an issue with Marvel. Nothing at Marvel gets done without the approval of Kevin Feige’s hat, and this very well could be a battle of egos that ended with DeMayo exiting¬†X-Men ’97.

There are also unfounded allegations of abuse and harassment levied against DeMayo. However, I will not entertain that narrative at this point. The allegations come from X/Twitter and other unreliable sources. Until I get a source that I can trust that backs these claims up, that train of thought will stay parked in the gossip column.

Marvel Has Commented

Brad Winderbaum, Marvel’s head of streaming, television and animation recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the matter. Winderbaum lauded DeMayo’s passion for the project and attention to detail. Their wasn’t much for Winderbaum to say aside from that.

Beau DeMayo’s Shirtless Pictures On His Onlyfans Account May Have Factored Into His Departure From Marvel.

However, EW suggests that DeMayo’s Onlyfans account HAS played a factor in his separation from Marvel. While not explicit, the account would regularly show DeMayo posing shirtless and in a manner that could be interpreted as suggestive.¬†

Final Takeaway

There is clearly a story here. Unfortunately, the story is in its infancy. Undoubtedly with the inevitable legal battle that will follow and Disney’s tendency to make their talent sign NDAs, I think it may be a while until this story tells itself. What I can say is that Beau DeMayo seems like a guy who was passionate about this project. Whether it is good or bad, it is a shame that he won’t be there to see his vision through.

The big question now is; Who takes his place? An even bigger question is; Does anyone even want the job?

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