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Happy Mario Day, A Super Mario Follow-Up Is Coming!

It’s-a coming! It will be a two-year wait assuming that all goes to plan, but a Super Mario Bros. follow-up is on the way.

Nintendo and Illumination made the announcement earlier today to the delight of the millions of fans. Other than the April, 2026 release date, details have been scarce.

Despite initial backlash from fans over the casting of Chris Pratt as the world’s favorite mustachioed plumber,¬†Super Mario Bros. was a runaway hit at the box office. The film earned almost 1.4 billion dollars worldwide, coming in second to Barbie in 2023.

A New Entry Into The Super Mario Universe Was Announced Today.

Like all projects that involve Nintendo, the details regarding the movie will be shrouded in secrecy. We are not going to actually know what we are getting until we can get a look at a trailer. Since animation hasn’t started yet, we are going to have to wait.

However, there is no harm in speculating on what we might get as fans. With that being said, let’s have a little fun on this beautiful Sunday afternoon and hypothesize.

The Super Mario Announcement Is Ambiguous

While a new movie was announced, it must be pointed out to fans that words matter. Especially when those words come from Shigeru Myamoto. The Nintendo boss chooses his words carefully. Nothing is said or omitted by accident. Going off of what Myamoto said today that “They are broadening Mario’s world further.”¬†

Could The Setting For The New Entry In The “Super Mario” Franchise Shift From The Mushroom Kingdom To Dinosaur Land?

Forbes Magazine correctly points out that the announcement does not refer to the upcoming project as¬†Super Mario Bros. 2.¬†The word “sequel” is also never used. This opens the announcement up to a lot of interpretation.

For example, the post credits scene in¬†The Super Mario Bros. Movie zooms in on an egg that is about to hatch. As the scene cuts you hear the iconic “Yoshi!” line get shouted.

If Universal and Nintendo are looking to develop a fully immersive cinematic universe with Nintendo’s properties, we have to consider the possibility of this film switching locations from the Mushroom Kingdom to Dinosaur Land.

Another possibility is the adaptation of Dreamland from Super Mario Bros. 2 with Wart being the antagonist and having Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad all discover the powers that were given to them in the 1988 video game.

Could Wart Be The New Big Bad In The “Super Mario” Follow-Up?

The only thing that I am fairly certain that we can rule out is a Donkey Kong movie as that has already been announced. The announcement was made in 2021, so development will probably hinge on the success of the world building involved with the Super Mario franchise.

Will The Original Cast Return?

Right now, there are no solid details or reliable sources that indicate any casting changes. However, two years is a very long time by Hollywood standards. If this project is in fact a direct sequel to Super Mario Bros. I would like to see the cast return. Despite the fan pushback, I think Chris Pratt did a good job with the character.

Assuming the role of a character who has surpassed Mickey Mouse in popularity is not easy.

A Lot Of Pressure Is Involved When You’re Tasked With Voicing A Character More Popular Than Mickey Mouse. Chris Pratt Handled That Pressure Pretty Well.

Charlie Day and Anna Taylor Joy were delightful as Luigi and Peach. Keegan Michael Key took the small role of Toad and made it his own. After Jack Black put his mark on Bowser, it is hard to see anyone else following his act.

What makes things so uncertain is; these are not voice actors. All of these actors have multiple projects in the works and are sought after by every Hollywood studio. Jack Black is in the studio with Jason Momoa right now working on a Minecraft Movie.

Simply put; if sequels weren’t worked into the contracts that the cast signed, we might see some changes. Hopefully these changes will not effect the quality of the project.

Final Takeaway

Normally in this day and age; I read about another sequel or the expansion of a cinematic Universe and I roll my eyes. However, as a lifelong Nintendo fan, I can’t help but feel excited about this news. I loved the first¬†Super Mario Bros.¬†and watch it frequently with my daughter.

Universal, Nintendo and Illumination are doing a great job with the property and delivering what the fans want to see. This next chapter in the Nintendo Universe, whatever it may be has a chance to captivate fans and be the catalyst that sends Universal flying past Disney on their way to the top of the mountain

Usually I go into projects with cautious optimism. After the announcement today, I’m going all in. I can’t wait to buy my ticket in 2026 and witness what has been in store for us.

Happy Mar10 Day everyone!

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