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“Dune: Part 2” Is An Example For Hollywood To Follow

I’ve been right all along. When you listen to the people that you’re trying to sell a product to; good things happen. Look no further than the box office numbers for Dune: Part 2¬†for confirmation of this basic logic.

Hollywood used to be bulletproof. As it stands; Hollywood is now a husk of what it once was. This is an industry that once gave us creative milestones such as; Citizen Kane and Gone With the Wind. Now we are given endless barrage of sequels and live action remakes. When Woody and Buzz Lightyear start creeping up on Jason Voorhees and Freedy Krueger in the sequel count; you begin to question what the writers were even striking for. 

It certainly wasn’t creative freedom.

“Dune: Part 2” Now Has the Best Opening Weekend of the Year So Far.

Hollywood doesn’t ask for our money anymore. They demand it like a toddler shaking you down for a cookie after their nap. Their hand is always out, demanding that we dole out that sweet cash. The more financially solvent they get, the more creatively bankrupt they become.

As the fellows over at RedLetterMedia say with sage like wisdom: “Don’t ask Questions. Just consume product and then get excited for next product.”¬†

Dune: Part 2 however, bucks this trend. Last Weekend, the epic film made 178 million dollars worldwide. Making it the best opening weekend at the box office since Barbie opened last summer.

Let’s dive into today’s topic and explore how the success of¬†Dune: Part 2 can save Hollywood. Let’s also pretend to think that Hollywood wants to be saved.¬†

Dune: Part 2 Is Part Of The Changing Tides

For years, Hollywood has been at war with a good number of fans. Kevin Smith has been a recent example of this lack of professionalism. When fans expressed their displeasure over the direction that Smith was taking the beloved series; Smith responded in a vulgar manner. Smith went to war with YouTube commentators Clownfish TV after they correctly reported on details of the series that fans might take umbrage with. Kevin Smith actually went after people for accurately reporting on something and accused them of lying.

Kevin Smith Went From Being A Champion Of The Gen-X Audience To Being A Corporate Schill With His Handling Of The “He-Man” Franchise.

Stay classy, Kevin.

However, a shift is occurring. Two studios that recognize this shift are Universal and Warner Brothers. 2023 proved to be lucrative for the two studios as Warner had the highest grossing movie of the year with Barbie and Universal had two out of the top three highest grossing movies of the year.

Success Is The Object Of The Game

The reason for the success that the studios were rewarded with is simple; They delivered for the fans. When Greta Gerwig made Barbie, she¬†didn’t care about how men feel about the film. It was a film made by feminists for feminists. Barbie was unapologetic, the writers knew what their target audience expected. They delivered and the audience came.

Oppenheimer tells the story as it happened. It is a long, complicated, tragic part of history. Christopher Nolan didn’t waiver from the history books or try to shoehorn his own politics into the story. Nolan didn’t set out to make anyone look good or bad. He told a story. The man didn’t try to rewrite history and pander to his audience. Maybe Netflix should hire Nolan. They probably wouldn’t have gotten an ENTIRE COUNTRY angry at them if Christopher Nolan was in the room.¬†

When You Tell The Story As It Happened, Like Christopher Nolan Did With “Oppenheimer”, Moviegoers Will Enjoy Their Experience More.

Then there is Mario. The Super Mario Brothers movie was met with a surprising amount of resistance from detractors. Actor John Leguizamo; best known as the guy who got beat up by Steven Seagal on the set of Executive Decision, called for a boycott. Another outlet claimed that Bowser, the villain of the story was too misogynistic. I guess our villains are supposed to be nice now? What a time to be alive.

Nonetheless Universal and Nintendo knew what the fans wanted. They let the representatives of Modern Audience Affairs plead their case and then brushed them aside. In doing that, they grossed a billion dollars and put out the second highest grossing film of 2023.

Dune: Part 2 Is Carrying The Torch Lit In 2023

We look forward in a year that is relatively young and¬†Dune: Part¬†2 is starting the year off right for Warner Brothers. The success is coming for many of the reasons that I listed above.¬† The movie is being lauded by critics and fans alike and a third installment that will further the 896 page novel’s story is all but certain to get the green light.

A lot of this has to do with the creative team’s loyalty to the source material. I polled some of my Geek News Now colleagues for their input and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Captain’s Logs And Lightsabers Puts Things Into Perspective

Jonathan Hile, host of GNN’s podcast¬†Captain’s Logs And Lightsabers¬†had this to say:

“A lot of people who had been unfamiliar with Dune watched Part One during the pandemic. Part 2 is exclusively in theaters, so that gets butts in seats. Add some whip smart casting representing a who‚Äôs who of Hollywood‚Äôs current generation, the beautiful visual style of Denis Villeneuve, and a story that takes its time to develop. Part 2 takes the wind out of the major ‚ÄúWhite Savior‚ÄĚ complaints from part one and shifts the narrative into one of religious and political conflict.”

Our Own Jonathan Hile Has Praised The Story Development Shown In “Dune: Part 2”.

Cam Fischer Couldn’t Say Enough Good Things About It

Cam Fischer, of GNN’s¬†Cam In Focus and a huge fan of¬†Dune raved about the film. When Asked if the film was made in good faith and would satisfy¬†Dune’s¬†dedicated fanbase , Fischer had this to say:




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