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Pokemon Presents…… The Usual?

On February 27th, Game Freak aired the official Pokemon Presents. Aside from the announcement of Pokemon Z-A and Pocket TCG, It was odd that on POKEMON DAY there was hardly anything worth noting. Not to mention, there were also quite a few missed opportunities and details left out regarding specific announcements. Today, we at Geek News Now will be discussing what details Game Freak left out, including what could’ve been pointed out.

Please note, this will simply be a matter of opinion. We’d love to hear what your thoughts are on the Pokemon Presents in the comments down below. With that out of the way, let’s get started.

Pokemon Presents; Just Rewards?

New available characters coming to Masters EX. Image from

When the Pokemon Presents aired, a lot of people were absolutely excited to see what we would expect. Sure, they would obviously discuss the current games like Sleep, Unite, and even Café Remix. However, we as Pokemon fans know they always showcased new and exciting things to look forward to as well. Imagine our surprise though, when the only thing announced were events for their current games. These included:

  • Login rewards for Masters EX.
  • New Pokemon for Unite.
  • Tera Raids for Scarlet and Violet.
  • Gimmighoul puzzles for Café Remix.

Sure, those frequently playing the listed games were happy to receive such generous rewards and content, but it felt like a repeat of Genshin Impact’s 3-year anniversary event. All glitter, no gold. Reason I say this is mainly because while it all seems nice, I felt the Pokemon Company fell just short when it came to taking golden opportunities.

More Details, More Reasons:

Pokemon Horizons airs on Netflix March 7th. Image from

To tell the truth, I was quite disappointed when the Pokemon Presents lasted a mere 13 minutes. For something occurring on Pokemon Day, I felt that the Pokemon Company held back a ton on of much needed information. For example, when Pokemon Horizons (2024) was announced to air on Netflix on March 7th, this left more questions than answers. Will it be one episode at a time, or the 20+ episodes currently available like in Japan? Furthermore, because the series was exclusive to Japan, why not air on Crunchyroll since it’s an anime series?

Secondly, when Pokemon Legends Z-A was revealed to take place in Kalos, needless to say fans were actually excited for this one. Although, some questions did arise afterward. Since this is a Legends game, will it  occur in Kalos’ past or future? In addition, Mega Evolution is said to return. Could this mean that we’ll have access to old or new Mega Pokemon? Perhaps Game Freak will unveil more details in the near future given the release date is set for 2025.

Thirdly, Pokemon Concierge. Outside Pokemon Presents, the series was announced for more episodes in the future. Though this was undisclosed as to when, I’m quite excited to see what new stories will unfold at the Pokemon Resort.

And finally, the missed opportunity. If Game Freak could, they should consider implementing the original mainline GB-GBA Pokemon games to their corresponding apps on the Nintendo Switch. However, while there are specific reasons as to why this wasn’t done yet, It still left gamers feeling empty handed. From my standpoint, should the Pokemon Company release these functions, I could see more people purchasing the Expansion Pass to give more a reason to play on these Nintendo apps.

Let Us Know In The Comments Below!

Were there some things to consider for the Pokemon Company to look into? Perhaps more information to be provided regarding Horizons or Concierge on Netflix? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page for the latest up-to-date information.

Keep on keeping on, Trainers! And as always, Stay Geeky!

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