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Fantastic 4: Third TIme’s the Charm?

There have been two other attempts at a Fantastic 4 movie, and to call them mediocre is to give them credit.  MCU has a chance to remedy this with their 2025 release of The Fantastic 4. Marvel released a promo image to announce the casting and rumored time period the movie is set in. Our MCU Fantastic 4 members are Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards, Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm, Joseph Quinn as Johnny Storm, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Ben Grimm. This casting and promo image makes me cautiously optimistic for the movie.


The Fantastic Four Promo announcing the cast


The Happy Couple

Let’s start with who is the biggest wild card in this cast. I am a huge fan of Pedro Pascal myself, so I approach this with hope. Movie Studios tend to cast big names just for their names so hopefully this will be a good casting and not just a name casting.  In order for this to work he will need to step down from the suave and charming man he usually plays in shows like The Mandalorian, The Last of Us and Game of Thrones. Reed is a nerdy scientist, the smartest man alive and how Pascal will play that will be interesting. “When Heath Ledger was casted as the Joker, it was met with negativity and push back from fans. When RDJ was casted as Tony, it was immediately questioned due to RDJs past. So maybe lay off of Pedro Pascal and Joseph Quinn, and let their performance speak for itself” @REDACTEDspider said about the casting on X

His other half Sue Storm on the other hand being played by Vanessa Kirby was one of my, and a lot of people’s, fancast from the beginning.  She looks the part, really has the personality and excitement to play the role well, which can be just as important. “Happy Valentine’s Day everybody. From our family to yours. Very honored to take on Sue Storm, Marvel’s OG lady since 1961. I hope to do her justice. 💙” Kirby said on Instagram when she posted the promo photo announcement.  If she channels the femme fatale energy from her Mission: Impossible character and some down to earth kindness she could easily be the best live action Sue Storm.   She is a well earned and practiced actress, being in award winning movies such as Pieces of a Woman and Hobbs and Shaw where she was able to secure a whopping 30 nominations through all the different award ceremonies. So clearly shes a force to be reckoned with as well in the acting world.


cover of Fantastic 4 #1 (1961)

The Best Friends

Ebon Moss-Bachrach is a fancast that was floating around for a while, and I really am confident about him in this role. Ebon is also Jewish, as Ben Grimm is in the comics, so it is really nice to see them keep in line with the comics. Specifically, Ebon’s character in The Bear is really similar to Ben. At first to most people they both seem brash, annoying, and kind of dumb. Under that though, they both have more to them than that, and that is the core of Ben. He has to deal with looking and showing more harsh and violent than he really is.  Evan Romano from Men’s Health resonates this same energy with the comment in his article. “through his roles—specifically one where he’s already shown the ability to cut to the inside of a rough exterior—Ebon Moss-Bachrach has shown that he’s more than capable of making an unenviable task look easy.”


As for Joseph Quinn, and Human Torch, I want to reserve judgement on this because he has not had enough big roles to really say. Some people use his Stranger Things character Eddie Munson as a reason why he shouldn’t be Johnny. I think that role showed he can be a dumb kid. Johnny Storm has a lot of dumb kid energy, he’s a lovable goofball, the life of the team. Also, from the promo picture released by Marvel themselves and some fanarts that exist on the internet, Joseph has the looks. @TheQuiver_ from X says “Joseph Quinn definitely isn’t my ideal look for Johnny but I’m willing to give him a chance. The way he looks in the poster gives off the 60’s young man look pretty well so that’s a good start!”

From Left to RIght: Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Joseph Quinn, Ebon Moss-Bachrach

Predictions for The Fantastic Four

That really is the question we have. From the promo photo released for the cast announcement, Ben Grimm is holding a LIFE magazine from 1963. Fans assume the movie will take place around then. I believe that it is going to be in that time period, fighting maybe Galactus or Silver Surfer. I hope they tie into the rest of the MCU by having Reed Richards be a friend of Hank Pym’s or Howard Stark’s. Hopefully the movie will end with them finding out about the Quantum Realm, maybe through Janet VanDyne or Hank Pym. Leading the family to getting trapped in there intentionally by the villain. Or just accidentally since Ant-Man has shown is easy to do.

A perfect post-credit scene could then be them finding a way out. Then it’ll be current MCU time and so it would probably be a Captain America “Man out of time” situation. Who would be there to introduce them to the world of now?  A couple of options could be Spider-Man to tie with the F4 history. It could also be Scott Lang and Hope VanDyne to tie with the Quantum Realm and MCU science side.

No matter what Kevin Feige and the heads at Marvel decide to do. Hopefully the old saying is true, and third time truly is the charm.



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