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X-Men ’97 And Why I Don’t Care Anymore.

Let’s pretend for the moment that I hate you. It is ridiculous for me to hate you. I’ve never met you. I know nothing about you. Nonetheless, I hold nothing but disdain for you and everyone I rely on to make this article a success. Fast forward to a week from now. I will be livid about this article’s failure.

Do I blame myself for openly professing my disdain for you? Of course not. I blame you. You were supposed to read my article. You took my hostility to heart and wouldn’t grant me an audience. I am a failure because of your ignorance and intolerance.

Charley Feldman’s Twitter History Opines That Every Young White Man Is Either A Potential Serial Killer Or A Budding Mass Shooter.

Enter the awkward, incomprehensible mindset of Marvel Studios and their latest political agitator. Disguised as a writer, Charley Feldman has been on a soap box for years and unapologetically hates her target demographic.

What does this person receive as compensation for years of hate speech and vitriol? They are given creative control of X-Men ’97. Fans have waited for the highly anticipated follow-up for years. 

Now they have to endure the hostilities of a writer who hates them.

Twitter Is A Crux For X-Men ’97 And Hollywood In General.

Feldman’s Twitter, which has been deleted as of this article was an interesting thing to look at from a rational point of view. Unhinged isn’t a strong enough word to describe the rantings of the person that Kevin Feige’s hat decided to trust with one of Marvel’s most important properties.

If I Was Walking Down The Street And This Unhinged Request Was Made To Me, I Would Fear Charley Feldman A Lot More Than Charley Feldman Fears Me.

These are not the words of somebody who should be in charge of their own home, let alone an entire cartoon. I see tweets like this, and I lose confidence in Marvel’s brand. I start to consider whether or not Bob Iger and Kevin Feige’s hat have abandoned the MCU as a viable division for Disney. It is starting to look more like a money laundering operation.

Youtuber Itsagundam recently posted a video highlighting more of Feldman’s unhinged musings. Feldman is extremely unfit for the position that was given to her. She has gone mask off. We have something resembling the definition of what exactly a “modern audience” is.

Said definition doesn’t include white males.

Twitter is an infection that Hollywood can’t cure.  Every post from every crackpot has the potential to have a profound impact on any given project. You can villainize an entire group of people; as long as you do it with tactical precision. Performing under the guise of tolerance and social justice.

If you point out these egregious tactics, a gold medal winning routine of mental gymnastics will be put on display. Before you can even present a sound and rational rebuttal; the likes of Charley Feldman conduct a digital witch-hunt on you and send you on a one way ticket to ban world.

What Direction Will Feldman Take With X-Men ’97?

Now that it is established on good authority that Charley Feldman is not a fan of white males. This presents a conundrum going forward for X-Men ’97 as a whole. How is Charley Feldman going to handle this property in a sane and rational manner? More than fifty percent of the character roster is white and male.

“Modern audiences” will not stand for Gambit’s relentless romantic pursuit of Rogue. Marriage is a tool of the patriarchy, so Cyclops and Jean Grey probably aren’t going to hear wedding bells anytime soon. One has to wonder if Beast and Professor X are too intelligent for their own good. Wolverine oozes toxic masculinity.

Gambit’s Romantic Pursuit Of Rogue Will Most Likely Be Omitted From “X-Men ’97” due to the disdain that “modern audiences” have towards such misogyny.

Then there is one of the most profound and meaningful character traits that I am fairly certain will never even be considered for approval in the writer’s room; Nightcrawler’s devout religious beliefs.

Whether you’re religious or not; this scene where Nightcrawler convinces Wolverine to find strength through prayer is one of the most moving and emotional scenes in the entire series.

The fact that religion is maligned in tinsel town is one of Hollywood’s most poorly kept secrets. So it will be interesting to see what direction Feldman will take if any with a character who is defined by his Catholic beliefs.

I’m willing to wager that Feldman will either omit Nightcrawler completely or retool his character for “modern audiences” and maliciously write him with character traits that are blatantly anti-Catholic.

X-Men ’97 Will Most Likely Fail.

Nothing is set in stone. I will admit that the trailer for X-Men ’97 is good looking. It gives us a decent amount of nostalgia. Aside from inferior animation to its predecessor, it looks competently done and ends with an interesting hook.

That being said, people like Charley Feldman can’t help themselves. I am expecting the series to start strong. After that, an inevitable hard left turn will be made. By the end of the first season, we will have a jaded, disenfranchised audience. Disney will then predictably blame said audience for Feldman’s shortcomings.

Every Time A Disney Movie Fails, Bob Iger And The Disney Executive Team Blame The Audience For Not Wanting An Inferior Product.

The cycle will then begin anew. Wash, rinse, repeat and disregard any lesson that should have been learned.

Disney can’t seem to correlate the decline in the quality and viewership of their products with the mind numbingly abysmal decisions that they consistently make. The company is hellbent on disregarding its target audience. They insist on moving forward with piles of flavorless sludge that they expect us to blindly consume and thank them for. 

Kevin Feige’s hat couldn’t take away any lessons worth learning after a disastrous 2023 campaign. Why should we expect him to course correct in 2024? The man’s fear of social media prevents him from admitting to us that he made any wrong decisions. This forces him to keep moving forward with one disastrous decision after another. It makes anyone with two brain cells to rub together wonder how this man still has a job.

Final Takeaway

Personally, I don’t care what Charley Feldman’s opinion of white males is. She is entitled to her beliefs. If she believes that we are all potential mass shooters that is her right. I might recommend that she seek professional help immediately because these are not the thoughts of a mentally sound individual. Other than that, her belief structure is out of my hands.

When I say that she is entitled to her beliefs, I also say that her beliefs are all that she is entitled to.

I am tired of constantly being told to give shows the benefit of the doubt. I am wary of being told to wait until the show airs before i list my grievances. 

Charley Feldman is not entitled to my time. She is not entitled to my money. I am not obligated to provide her with any good will. She lost all of those entitlements when she hopped up on her soapbox and loudly proclaimed her disdain for me and people like me. As I am a journalist who covers geek culture, I will reluctantly watch X-Men ’97 to keep my finger on the pulse. However, I will not be reviewing it or involving it in any meaningful discussion.

That is my right. Disney can feel free to blame me if they deem such an action to be necessary.

What do you think, GNN Fans? Sound off in the comments below and let your voices be heard!

Thank You for reading! When I am not writing I enjoy spending time with my wife Barbara, my four year old daughter Frances, and my loyal hound Marbles.  For more hot takes, follow me here and on our brand new YouTube channel.  You can also check out more of my content on my author’s page.

Stay Geeky Everybody

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