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Resident Alien Recap: A Fetish For The Soles And Gender Roles

Harry Vanderspiegel will not be signing up for Wikifeet any time soon.

You read that correctly. This week’s installment of Resident Alien deals with a lot of uncomfortable issues. Issues of which are hilariously cringeworthy. Before I go any further, I must warn you about the spoilers ahead.

Now that everyone has been warned, let us move forward with the recap.

Sheriff Mike Can’t Let Himself Be Happy.

One of the major themes in this episode was the existence of gender roles in society. Sheriff Mike refuses to let go of his old fashioned ways. In the end, this proves catalyst for the end of a relationship that he both wanted and needed.

Mike was happy in his romance with Lena Torres (Nicola Correia-Damude) a detective from Patience’s rival town Jessup. Everything was going swimmingly until she picked up the check on a dinner date. What is starting to unfold in this season are the common insecurities that Mike faces as a man. He is hamstrung by his old-fashioned beliefs in regard to the specific roles that men and women traditionally have. 

Sheriff Mike Thompson Is A Character That Refuses To Allow Himself To Be Happy.

Mike is taken further aback when Lena books a vacation for the two of them and foots the bill for that as well. You can tell that he has insecurities about the direction of the relationship. He doesn’t quite know how to convey his feelings, and as always takes his frustration out on the devoted, long suffering Deputy Liv. The criticism of the dispersing of blueberries in Liv’s “lopsided” home baked muffins was a funny deflection from the Sheriff’s problems.

A Normal Person’s Take On Sheriff Mike

Now; “modern audiences” (feel free to cringe at the phrase, it’s a natural reaction for rational people) are going to use Sheriff Mike’s views as an example of “toxic masculinity” (again, feel free to cringe). As much as I love that old chestnut and hearing somebody ramble on and on about how bad it is for men to be traditional and have traditional expectations, I’m going to go off the reservation and speak from personal experience.

Sheriff Mike’s feelings are completely natural. His self-destruction over these feelings is not. 



Detective Torres, The Love Interest Of Sherriff Mike Breaks Things Off In This Episode After Mike’s Pride Gets In The Way. 


In the end, Detective Torres breaks things off with Mike because she is rightfully proud of who she is. Torres is unwilling to change a good situation to placate the sheriff’s insecurities.

The Sheriff’s character development is my favorite aspect of the show so far. Emotionally, he is the most relatable character in the series. He spent the first two seasons struggling to forgive himself for past mistakes that he has made.

Now, he has gotten over that hump. His insecurities however, still remain a liability to him personally. He is not a bad person and you find yourself rooting for this character to turn the corner and find the happiness he’s been looking for.

Mayor Ben Hawthorne: Sole Man

Meanwhile, across the hall in the Mayor’s Office; Ben Hawthorne is trying to find a way to keep the house that his wife desperately wants to sell. He is looking at pools as a possible addition to try to entice her to stay, but laments to Sheriff Mike that he can’t afford any of them. 

Now any man over the age of twenty-five knows that the best way to avoid your own problems, is to focus on solving a problem that your friend is facing. So Sheriff Mike asks the Mayor to take off his shoes and socks.

Sheriff Mike Assesses Ben’s Feet For The Possibility Of Internet Money.

In a hilarious transaction between the two characters, Mike comments on Ben’s dainty feet and his “dancer’s arches”. The Sheriff then comes up with a solution to Ben’s financial woe’s and complete with a ring light, a camera and a visibly confused and uncomfortable Deputy Liv accidentally walking in on them; Mike assures Ben that the internet will love his feet, then suggests that he get a small lump on his heel looked at by a Doctor (more on that in later recaps) because there isn’t a section on the website for lumps. This was easily one of the funniest parts of the show.

Asta’s Date And Mork From Ork.

Asta holds up her end of the bargain she made with Harry and goes on a second date with Joe. While she is doing so, Harry’s plan to search Joseph’s apartment goes awry when D’Arcy insists on tagging along. Harry rebuffs her until D’Arcy threatens to tell everyone in town that Harry kicks dogs.

After a tense argument about whether or not the lie would be believable due to Harry having a “dog kicking face”, Harry agrees to allow D’Arcy to tag along. However, pizza proves to be Harry’s downfall.

Asta Passes Off The Plot To ‘Mork and Mindy” As Intel To Joseph.

Joseph laid a trap out with crushed red pepper. With the upper hand, he presses Asta for information. Asta goes old school with the cultural pull and tells Joseph that Harry is Mork from the planet Ork and gives him the plot from Mork and Mindy as intel. Max unexpectedly saves the day where he assumes his role as the new “Alien Tracker” and follows Harry to Joseph’s apartment with his new friends in tow.

With the help of her father, Asta knocks Joseph out and brings him to Harry’s cabin.

Harry’s Social Commentary Is Hilariously Relatable.

When Joseph awakens, he is stunned to find that he isn’t tied down. Harry’s reasoning is quite possibly the best reasoning that a TV character has given anybody for anything.

He wanted to avoid a fight with Joseph because every scenario that Harry ran through his head involved him having a repairman talk to him about his photography hobby. Harry simply didn’t want to have a boring conversation, or any conversation about photography for that matter. So he left Joseph untied. After a juvenile argument and Harry finally proving Joseph wrong, Joseph agrees to leave Patience. 

Final Takeaway

Every week, this show outdoes itself. The character development, writing and well placed humor are bar none. Resident Alien consistently leaves the viewer wanting more before the credits roll. This week, we are left with a cliffhanger as Linda Hamilton’s General McAllister ambiguously discusses plans with her right hand woman. She ultimately decides not to include Harry in said plans and we can’t help but wonder what the General has up her sleeve.

Anybody that has read my writing knows that I am difficult to please and even more difficult to impress. Resident Alien manages to do both. I cannot recommend this series enough to anybody looking for a witty, poignant take on society’s perfections and flaws.

Season three, episode two is available to stream on the Peacock app.

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