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Most anticipated anime’s of 2024

With the highly anticipation of video games like Poppy’s Playtime Chapter 3  and movies like Dune: Part Two coming out this year we can’t forget about upcoming anime’s both new and ongoing that are also set to release this year.

My Hero Academia season 6:

After the massive cliffhanger of season six with the  introduction to a new hero. The highly anticipated announcement of season’s seven My Hero Academia has shown off some amazing scenes in its almost two minute trailer. Slowly but surly inching closer to the final arc of the series. The show looks like it’s going into the stars and stripes arc with the introductions of America’s No. 1 hero also named Star and Stripe. 

Anime's 2024

A new hero from the US is here in My Hero Academia season 7 image from

Demon Slayer Season 4: 

One of the most popular anime’s to come withing the last few years. Demon Slayer follow’s Tanjiro, his half-demon sister Nezuko, and his friends Insokue and Zenitsu. As they head out on an adventure to take down the upper rank demons. With some help from the heroic group known as the Hashira.

Season four will continue where season three left off. With Tanjiro continuing on his journey to becoming a full-fledge hashira. This arched will be called the Hashira Training arc and will premier this spring with the first episode releasing in theaters as part of a mini-movie called To the Hashira Training. This mini-movie will be released on February 23 worldwide.  

2024 anime

The newest season will release it’s first episode in theaters this month image from

Suicide Squad ISEKAI:

Superhero adaptation are at an all-time high since 2024 has started we have seen the release of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One movie. Now we are getting an anime adaptation of the beloved band of anti-hero’s called Suicide Squad ISEKAI

Releasing later this year the show focuses on Harley Quinn, Clayface, King Shark, Deadshot, and Peacemaker. The characters are sent to another world filled with magic, dragons, and rampaging orcs roaming the earth. With a new mission and bombs strapped to their necks what adventure’s will the band of misfits partake in. Created by WIT studio known for the first three seasons of Attack on Titan and with dialogue from Re:Zero author Tappei Nagatsuki this is sounding like an exciting project to look forward to. 

Brand new Suicide Squad this time set in another world image from

Dragon Ball Daima:

The newest Dragon Ball installment was announced in 2023 in celebration of the franchise’s 40 year anniversary. Creator Akira Toriyama revealed that the anime will take place in a separate universe where all the characters turn small. Somewhat like a chibi verse or Dragon Ball GT rather than having Goku as a kid again it’ll be all the characters. But the real question is would this be considered canon? The show is set to release later this year in fall 2024.

New Dragon Ball series set to release later this year image from

Uzamaki: Spiral Into Horror:

Junji ito is one of the biggest names in horror manga with his visually graphic works that would later be adapted into animated mini series. That being said these previous adaptations only scratched the surface of what Junji Ito has conveyed in his books. Telling simple stories while also showing fans the twist and turns these stories can take.

Taking another deep dive into the supernatural town of Kurouzo-chu this show will definitely having you creeped out and also scratching your head. It’ll release on toonami/adultswim this year. 

New anime

The next Jumji Ito installment to get the animated treatment image from

There are a lot more anime’s that are set to announce this year, but what anime’s are y’all excited about? Let us know in the comments below. If you want more anime news check out GNN for all anime related news. Also check out The Geek Gauntlet Podcast on Saturdays nights as we talk about all things geek related. Stay Geeky!

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