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“White Tiger” Coming to Disney+ (In My Dreams)

Ava Ayala in Ultimate Spiderman

Even the best heroes get defeated, leading to legacy characters. This seems to be the direction the MCU is going, with the inclusion of characters such as Sam Wilson’s Captain America, Kate Bishop’s Hawkeye, and Riri Williams as Ironheart. When I think about which legacy character would fit alongside those would be White Tiger, which has been passed down from Hector Ayala to Angela Del Toro and Ava Ayala. Specifically with the newer legacy characters the Ava Ayala and Angela Del Toro versions would be my pick because of the interesting connection between the two. 

Rumor: Marvel Developing 'Deadly Hands of Kung Fu' Adaptation With Hector Alaya White Tiger As ...

White Tiger’s First Appearance in The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #19


Hector Ayala: The First White Tiger

The first White Tiger was a man names Hector Ayala, who grew up in Puerto Rico and moved to New York to go to Empire State University. Hector found the White Tiger Amulet when the amulets were lost by the Sons of the Tiger, after using the amulets, he realized he can transform into the White Tiger and gain superhuman strength and knowledge of martial arts. At the beginning he did not have a lot of luck with the superhero job. After his parents and a few other members of his family got taken out by Gideon Mace, Hector decided to lay down the amulets and stop being White Tiger and become a cop. He eventually took the mantle again but met his end after a court case gone bad.

Hector Ayala after he set down the Mantle of White Tiger in Ultimate Spider-Man


Angela and Ava: The Second and Third White Tigers

 That leads to the second White Tiger Angela Del Toro, the amulets were delivered to her from an unknown figure. She was a hero for a while until eventually joining a possessed Daredevil when he took control of The Hand. After a while Angela got taken to a maximum-security prison called the Cellar. That is how Ava Ayala, the third White Tiger, gets the amulets, the amulets were given from Ava, she believed, as a gift from her niece.

After a mission in Rome as part of Sunspot’s New Avengers she got targeted by Angela Del Toro who had thought that Ava stole the Amulets. Angela had been equipped with White Tiger amulets from another universe. During the fight between the two the Tiger god felt the presence of another amulet, and another potential avatar and abandoned Ava, leaving her powerless. Although she still kept the mantle of White Tiger even after losing her powers. 

White Tiger comic - Issue #1 - 1

Angela Del Toro in White Tiger: Issue 1


How to Fit in

I believe that they could fit the entire storyline of the White Tigers in a few projects. All three of them could be amazing additions to the MCU, especially with the new Marvel Spotlight titles.  The best way to introduce them would be in Daredevil: Born Again with Hector Ayala. He could ally with Daredevil until he unfortunately dies in the end of the series. Introduce Ava as his niece and tease her getting the amulets. For a twist after he dies, have someone steal the amulets and reveal it to be Angela Del Toro, who wanted the powers of the White Tiger herself. That could lead to a Marvel Spotlight title called “The Legacy of the White Tiger”.

In my mind it would be in the vein of Black Panther. A drama where Ava learns that Angela got arrested, not knowing her evil intentions. Ava would get the White Tiger amulets from Daredevil and that is when she would learn about Angela. Ava would use the power from the amulets to free Angela, but Angela would immediately attack her. A huge fight would ensue, ending in Angela stealing the amulets. Ava would run away, battered and beaten by Angela. After she would do more research into her family and the Amulets, learning all about Hector Ayala and Angela’s past. Ava would learn how to fight without the suit and eventually gets some intel on Angela. Ayala would eventually take Angela down, steal the amulet and convince Angela to stop and work together cause their family after all.

Ava Ayala and the Daughters of Liberty in Captain America (2018) #1


Two White Tigers are Better than One

That could easily lead into Ava joining a Young Avengers movie. Angela to join a Spider-Man movie to do a live action version of the team from the Ultimate Spider-Man show. A lot of people would be able to relate to Ava, with her being a normal teenager until she gets the Amulets. The White Tigers could also be another ground level story to balance out the huge drama of big projects that have to do the overarching saga. The fact there is two White Tigers could also be an interesting story to follow on how people perceive Ava and Angela. It can also have the drama of how they get around sharing the same moniker.

The Demand

I believe that others would love to see her as well, even if they wanted her in projects that have already come out such as @MaffistoY who said “If you could bring any Marvel comics character into the MCU, who would it be? I would pick White Tiger to appear in Black Panther 2″. Although that was pretty bland others have more to say about White Tiger, although they are lesser-known  Marvel characters. @Average_40s_guy on Reddit says “I always liked the White Tiger character. This was an interesting version of it. Growing up, my earliest comics had the Hector Ayala version as a side character in Spectacular Spider-Man.” when asked about White Tiger in the Ultimate Spider-Man TV show. This leads me to believe that there is enough demand for this character considering these comments together got over 2000 likes. 

Ava Ayala’s team in Ultimate Spider-Man

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