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Star Wars

The Next Great Star Wars Game Needs to be Different

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My childhood (like most other Star Wars fans) was spent LIVING inside Star Wars video games.

From pretending to be an X-Wing pilot in X-Wing and Rogue Squadron to wasting away playing arguably the BEST Star Wars game ever in Battlefront 2 (for PS2), Star Wars fans are always hungry to see the next game released, where it will take us and does it add to the story. With over 100 Star Wars games released, they have started to “lose their luster” as the level of originality is starting to decline, especially involving games with Jedi, Fallen Order and Survivor aside.

The home screen for Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars fans deserve something new, not only new stories but also not a clone of another game, in universe or out.

Imagine playing an action-adventure game where you are a Jedi master with your own padawan! Where the choices you make determine their future. There has never been a Star Wars game where you are the master with a padawan, typically YOU are the padawan. Let’s call the game “Star Wars: Master and Apprentice” and the story takes place between the High Republic era and The Phantom Menace. You get to pick your padawan from a group of Jedi younglings by selecting them based on various stats.

Once a padawan is selected, the master will then choose the missions that they will take their padawan on. The missions they choose will have various choices and decisions to be made and each choice or decision has an impact on the padawan. Will the choices made bring your padawan closer to being a Jedi Knight? Or will it push them more towards the dark side? 

As you complete missions, the player earns trait points that they can put towards different traits or skills for their padawan to make them stronger or more intelligent. The padawan levels up they mature over time and either become a strong ally to take on missions or potentially a strong enemy.

Logo page for Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

The game either ends with your padawan being knighted and having their Jedi braid cut or with them betraying you and joining the darkside. The potential for expansion packs or sequels could further the story. Future expansions or sequels can have players fight alongside their former padawan, much like Anakin and Obi-wan, or fight against the darkside by trying to defeat your former padawan, much like Anakin and Obi-wan…

This action adventure game would allow Star Wars fans to visit familiar planets like Coruscant, Naboo, Illum, and our favorite sandy desert planet Geonosis as well as new worlds to explore. Fly NEW star ships what have not been seen in the Star Wars Universe.

The next GREAT Star Wars video needs to be different, it needs to provide Star Wars fans with something that has not been done before and Jedi: Master and Apprentice would be a NEW type of video game not only unlike any Star Wars video game that has come before, but unlike ANY video game that has been released.


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