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Resident Alien: Let’s Save The World Together!

Writers Note: This article is a recap of the season three premiere of “Resident Alien”. If you haven’t seen season one or two, both seasons are available to stream on Netflix.

The end of the world starts in Patience, Colorado. At least that is what the viewers of Resident Alien are led to believe.

The season three premiere of the series, which airs Wednesday nights on SyFy and is available next day on the Peacock streaming service starts off as a slow burn as a game of tactical wits begins between Joseph (A villainous member of the “Grey” species disguised as a Sherrif’s deputy) and our Protagonist, Harry.

The Resident Alien Joins MIB?

This season finds Harry, our former messenger of doom now working for a mysterious organization that specializes in tracking alien activity. He heads to a secret office accessible by a retinal scan in a construction site porta-potty that leads to a hidden subway system. Looking the part, wearing a suit and tie and carrying a briefcase.

There aren’t important documents inside the briefcase. Nothing pertinent to the organization’s mission to prevent an alien invasion is kept. Instead, Harry has packed himself a pizza. His favorite food. It was a nice, humorous touch to start the show.

Harry (Alan Tudyk) and General McCallister (Linda Hamilton) discussing important business in his office.

Allied with the former antagonist of the series, General Eleanor McCallister (Played with tenacious grit by the great Linda Hamilton) Harry splits his time between the secret office and his role as the Patience Town Doctor. 

McCallister, as we learn in season two is the key to Earth’s survival. At all costs, she must stay alive. To ensure the preservation of the human species, Harry has to protect her and see her mission through.

The Alien Enemy Makes His Move

Joseph, the new antagonist has infiltrated the Sheriff’s office as a new deputy. In an Ironic twist, this occurs right as Sheriff Mike Thompson (played by Corey Reynolds) has come around to believing in the possibility of an alien presence in Patience. He stops by the Patience Health Clinic and pays Harry a visit.

Joseph Rainier (Enver Gjokaj) Is The New Protagonist Of The Series, Sent By The Grey Species To Destroy Earth.

The two threaten each other and come to a stalemate until Joseph realizes Harry’s one weakness: Asta (Sara Tomko). Knowing that he can gain the upper hand in this situation, Joseph courts Asta and the two agree to go on a date. Initially, this upsets Harry until he realizes he can spy on the date with his fancy new government equipment.

This isn’t a book report. I urge you to stream the episode on Peacock to see how this all unfolds.

Why I Love This Resident Alien


Despite the main character being an alien, Resident Alien is shockingly human. It has deep layers and takes the viewer through a wide range of emotions.

  • We have the loss of a friend when middle school aged Max, Harry’s frenemy finds out that his best friend Sahar is moving to California.
  • Fear when the Mayor’s wife gets ominous feelings about an owl that sits outside her window and stares at her, leading to apprehension from the Native American inhabitants.
  • Coping with Domestic Abuse (Season 1) When Asta finally gains the courage to leave her violent boyfriend.
  • Acceptance (In season 2) When Asta finds her mother only to discover that she never wanted her, and doesn’t wish to have a relationship.
  • Guilt and atonement when Asta tries to maintain a relationship with the daughter that she gave up for adoption when she was a teenager.
  • Marital issues between the Mayor and his wife.
  • Self esteem issues when Liv, the Sheriff’s deputy constantly feels unappreciated and unheard.
  • Addiction, when Asta’s best friend and roommate, D’Arcy spirals out of control in season two and ends up seeking help. Sadly in this episode, the stress of there being a potential war between aliens drives D’Arcy to start drinking again, which will almost certainly lead to issues as the season progresses.
  • Loyalty, as Asta agrees to date Joseph to gather information for Harry and General McCallister.

Asta Twelvetrees (Played By Sara Tomko) Is The Driving Force Behind Harry’s Evolution As A Character.

What I have enjoyed the most in Resident Alien is Harry’s evolution as a character. In season one, he starts off as an emotionless being who only cares about destroying Earth, then he forms a friendship with Asta. This leads to him wanting to protect her. 

Season two comes around and Harry comes to realize that Asta’s friends and family matter to her. He gains compassion and develops love for a baby alien that turns out to be his son. To protect his son, he sends him off to his home planet and defies the Greys by staying behind to help protect Earth

This season has Harry realizing that Earth might be destroyed. To spare Asta the agony of going through such a catastrophe, he attempts to kill her. Despite him starting off as a remorseless killer, he can’t bring himself to do it. Without Asta, Earth isn’t worth saving. Such a conflict causes Harry to break down in tears.

The monster has become human and the writers have given us a triumphant redemption arc.

Final Takeaway

Resident Alien is hands down one of the best shows on TV right now. In a Hellscape of reality TV and whatever Kevin Feige’s hat decides to force upon us, Resident Alien is an Oasis. It is a haven for laughter, dramatics, great acting and superb storytelling; something that is severely lacking in Hollywood.

If you want a smart, funny, well crafted story then tune in on Wednesday nights and enjoy Harry’s physical and emotional journey through our planet.

What do you think, GNN Fans? Sound off in the comments below and let your voices be heard!

Thank You for reading! When I am not writing I enjoy spending time with my wife Barbara, my four year old daughter Frances, and my loyal hound Marbles.  For more hot takes, follow me here and on our brand new YouTube channel.  You can also check out more of my content on my author’s page.

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