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Game Feature: “Alien Death Mob”

Life has been busy as of late, but I have managed to squeeze in some game time on the Nintendo Switch in the form of Alien Death Mob. What exactly is Alien Death Mob? I’ll let the blurb from the game’s Steam page fill you in:

OMG everybody, aliens have invaded Earth! Towns, cities, deserts, they’re everywhere. They’re even at the Eiffel Tower if you can believe that! Somehow, as usual, Earth only has one person left capable of taking them on. Some kind of super soldier I suppose.

An intense twin stick shooter, blast your way around the world taking on countless hordes of enemies. Use bullet time to get out of sticky situations. Collect the power ups, but don’t forget to keep an eye on your multiplier to get those massive scores!

Sounds exciting enough for you? Then check out the review! Also for full disclosure a review key for the game was provided to me.

The Meat Of The Game

You’re a little dude with a few lifes and you zip around a stage (each based on a different country) zapping invading aliens. The meat of the game is all about getting a high score and keeping your score multiplier up.

Bigger aliens have unique attack patterns and generally take more hits.

You progress by getting better scores. For example, each level might have different tiers of stars for unlocking stages (1000 points = 1 star, 3000 points = 2 stars) and each subsequent stage requires x amount of stars, so you’ll be revisiting previous stages to hopefully get a better run.

The really cool and unique mechanic, since you die in 1 hit if you are unshielded, is you will enter slowmo as an enemy bullet is about to hit you, giving you a split second to dodge. But if there are multiple enemy bullets, and you are cornered, you’re a goner.

So spatial awareness is key in later levels. You don’t want to get stuck on or collide with a tree or rock in those instances. Memorizing or at least anticipating the layout is key to surviving the later stages as the enemy waves become faster and more relentless.

Some of the power-ups have awesome attack patterns.

The game is aggressively fast and hectic, so you’ll need to have sharp reflexes to advance to the later stages. With practice and repeated attempts I realized you can drown out the “visual noise” of the game and progress after learning and getting the feel of the latest unlocked stage. Once you learn the visual cues for finding nearby power-ups you’ll realize how important and useful extra shields and collecting score multipliers are for getting enough points to make total progress.

Closing Thoughts

Alien Death Mob is a fun and challenging retro throwback to games like Geometry Wars and other twin-stick shooters. The game is hard and honestly I am not great at it, this genre of game isn’t my strong-suit but the speed and relatively quick down time between game overs make it addicitive in that “Let me try one more time” kind of way.

Alien Death Mob was developed and published by Pug Fugly Games and you can find it on Steam/PC and Nintendo Switch! For more geeky coverage be sure to follow Geek News Now on Facebook and on our home site page here. Stay geeky out there folks!



  1. Andy Spence

    February 13, 2024 at 5:25 am

    Ah! The old Twin Stick Shoot ‘em ups! This takes me back to the old days of Smash TV and the relatively more recent Dead Nation. Something quite satisfying about being able to run away in one direction and lay waste to bad guys coming at you from the opposite direction! Good times!! I’ll certainly be giving this a look!

    • Andrew Orozco

      February 17, 2024 at 12:33 pm

      If you do end up giving it a try let me know what you think of it!

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