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Valentines Day Top 5 Romantic Anime of 2024

Valentines Day is right around the corner, ladies and gentlemen. And what better way to celebrate the season of love with none other than some of the most romantic anime found on Crunchyroll! Whether you’re into Action, Adventure, Comedy, etc., Crunchyroll’s got it all! Therefore, we at Geek News Now are here to share with you the top 5 romantic shows to watch on Valentines Day.

Valentines Day Special #1: Horimiya:

Cover art for Horimiya. Image from

It goes without saying that even in 2024, Horimiya (2022) is still everyone’s favorite romcom. The love story between two people living polar opposite lives still lives on as one of the best anime series out there. Personally, even with the end of Season 2, I’d still watch this show from the beginning. Filled with fantastic storytelling, colorful animation, and a wonderful cast of characters, Horimiya is definitely the first stop to a romantic Valentines Day evening.

#2; The Angel Next Door:

Amane (left) and Mahiru (Right). Image from

Whether you’re a classmate, or the neighbor next door, being kind to others leaves a wonderful impression. Though, for Amane Fujimiya, a solo life is a nice and quiet way to live. However, after seeing his beautiful classmate Mahiru Shiina crying in the rain, he lends her his umbrella. Little did he realize, this small gesture led to the realization that they were in fact neighbors all along. Feeling grateful for his kind gesture, Mahiru offers to cook, clean, and cater to her savior. Follow the budding love story between a recluse and his angel next door, as the two begin to grow close.

#3; A Galaxy Next Door:

Ichiro (Left) and Shiori (Right). Image from

Speaking of next-door angels, our next story is about two lovers drawn together by literal fate itself. Manga artist Ichiro lives alone with his two younger siblings following the death of his beloved father. However, everything changes one day when Shiori arrives as a assistant-for-hire. One day, he mistakes a needle sticking out of her shirt for a pen and is pricked after attempting to remove it. As a result, she is discovered as an extraterrestrial being, and the two are destined for marriage.

Even if they wanted to separate, if the two are apart for too long, they will begin to physically suffer pain. With the contract sealed, can the distance between them dissipate or will death seal their fate? An ideal romance story for the average Valentines Day couple.

#2; Tomo-Chan Is A Girl:

Cover art for the anime. Image from

Ever since they were children, Tomo and Jun have been the run-of-the-mill toughies of their classes: Always roughhousing, talking smack and just enjoying each other’s company. Now entering High School, Tomo begins to develop feelings for Jun. The problem, you may ask? Jun is denser than a brick wall, three layers thick. However, with the support of her friends, Tomo plans on making sure Jun knows exactly how she feels. With Valentines Day approaching, this series is definitely the ideal comedy to watch when enjoying the company of the people you love.

#1; Valentines Day Favorite, The Dangers In My Heart:

Anna (Left) and Kyotaro (Right). Image from

Finally, what better way to celebrate Valentines Day than with the highest ranking romance series, The Dangers In My Heart. The series follows a middle school student named Kyotaro Ichikawa who is, in short, a loner. Spending most of his time studying human anatomy and murder, he comes across as the ‘quiet kid’ in class. Originally, he wanted to conduct the murder of his taller classmate, Anna Yamada. However, after discovering her quirky and friendly nature, he suddenly becomes more interested in learning more about her.

After a sudden encounter and sharing of snacks, both students begin to grow closer to each other. As their friendship grows, it would seem that there may be something more on the horizon. The series is currently available only on HiDive, but hopefully Crunchyroll will put this series on their platform soon, given its popularity.

And that’s the top 5 romantic anime of 2024. If you think they’re even more romantic series out there to enjoy, let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page, as we keep our viewers up-to-date on the latest happenings.

Happy Valentines Day, everyone! And remember, Stay Geeky!

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