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Genshin Impact 4.4: Happy Lantern Rite!

The Genshin Impact 4.4 Update is here, and just in time to celebrate the Chinese New Year! Hosted by Mihoyo CEO Dawei and Combat Designer Rain, the Special Program showcased the next exciting Lantern Rite Festival, new characters, and new events set to arrive this month. With much to cover, let’s see what Hoyoverse has planned to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Genshin Impact; Vibrant Harriers Aloft in Spring Breeze:

Featured 4-Star characters to invite. Image from

The Traveler and Paimon return to Liyue Harbor just in time for another Lantern Rite Festival. Here, they’ll be running into some familiar faces, and a mysterious guest that awaits their arrival. With the end of another year behind them, the two adventurers look forward to the exciting new events to partake in. Furthermore, they plan to keep their eyes and ears peeled for the performance of the Mighty Mythical Beasts! Who knows, maybe they’ll be lucky enough to encounter an ambitious young performer!

The Lantern Rite Festival will host up to four events:

  1. Paper Shadows A-Foraging: Guoba and Yuegui, Xiangling and Yaoyao’s trusty assistants, need help navigating through obstacles to gather ingredients for delicious dishes.
  2. Joyful Beasts And Their Auspices: This event features three activities: Collect Lucky Teabricks, King of the Hill, and Good Fortune. All three events will be online PvP.
  3. Iridescent Cloud-Striding: Collect as many Jade Lotus Lanterns within a certain time limit.

After completing these events, players will have the chance to invite any of the following 4-Star characters to add to their team, or increase constellation. In addition, the new 4-Star Pyro character Gaming (Pronounced Ga Ming) will also be able to be invited. Furthermore, Xingqiu’s new outfit “Bamboo Rain” can be obtained after obtaining enough Festive Fervor.

And now to talk about everyone’s favorite part: Banner Updates!

The Crane And The Dragon:

Gaming and Xianyun to be featured at start of 4.4. Image from

With the arrival of the Lantern Rite Festival, two new characters enter the spotlight! The first, Xianyun, is a rather interesting character introduced in Genshin Impact Version 4.4. Attending this year’s Lantern Rite, she hopes her charge, Shenhe, will open up a bit more in order to get along with people. Although, it would seem she has some mysterious ties to the Adepti, Cloud Retainer.

Xianyun is a 5-Star Anemo Catalyst wielder. Her Elemental Skill allows her to leap into the air, and slam into opponents, applying Anemo AOE damage. The more it’s used, the greater the damage. Her Elemental Burst, on the other hand, allows the active character on the field to have their jump height increased. This allows characters to jump and apply Plunge Damage to nearby opponents. Furthermore, a special mechanism is summoned, gradually healing all active party members.

The second character, Gaming, is definitely worth pulling for. He is a 4-Star Pyro Claymore wielder. His Elemental Skill causes him to leap into the air after coming in contact with an opponent, allowing him to slam into foes. However, this will consume a sum of his health. If you want to recover the health lost, simply activate his Elemental Burst in order to apply Pyro, heal a fixed amount, and deal Pyro AOE damage to surrounding targets. If you think about it, it would seem both Xianyun and Gaming would work well together on the same team.

Both Gaming and Xianyun will run alongside 5-Star Dendro Archon Nahida during Phase 1. Meanwhile, Phase 2 will include Adeptus Xiao and Yae Miko. Finally, let’s discuss the other events to arrive in Genshin Impact Version 4.4.

Genshin Impact; The Samachurl of Dadaupa Gorge:

Investigate mysterious activity at camps. Image from

The Adventurers Guild has requested your aid once again. It would seem the Hilichurls that’ve taken residence in Dadaupa Gorge have began acting strange lately. Recon experts discovered some mysterious statues that have appeared at the base camps, determined to be the cause of the odd behavior. By using a special tool called the Eye of Upano, you can attach this mobile device to nearby Hilichurls as you sneak your way through the camp. However, if a nearby Samachurl detects this device, you’re in trouble. Find your way across these camps, locate the mysterious statue, and take on the powerful Samachurl that awaits in a hidden domain.

Triumphant Frenzy:

Deploy trial teams, and dispatch foes. Image from

The final event takes place in a mysterious domain, where powerful foes await you in combat. Enter this challenge using a series of trial characters that come with 2 points of resolve. This resolve comes with buffs needed to complete challenges, so be sure to utilize this to earn bountiful rewards.

And that’s everything Genshin Impact 4.4 features to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Be sure to share what you look forward to in the comments below. Also, come check out our Facebook page, as we keep our fellow viewers up-to-date on the latest happenings!

Happy Chinese New Year, Travelers! And as always, Stay Geeky!

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