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Disney Star Wars What If
Star Wars: What If? from

Imagine a galaxy where every twist, turn, and decision of the iconic “Star Wars” saga could lead to a different destiny. Much like Marvel’s successful “What If…?” series, a “Star Wars: What If…?” animated series could open up a universe of storytelling possibilities, delving into alternate realities that fans have only dreamed of. Disney should consider this exciting venture and the first three episodes that could set the series soaring.

Since GNN is #fueledbythefans we asked what you would like to see from a “What If…?” series:

  • What if Anakin had the high ground? (Erik White)
  • What if Darth Maul beat Obi-wan and Qui-gon? (Zane Martin)
  • What if Anakin helped Mace Windu arrest Palpatine? (Gary Karr)
  • What if Qui Gon Jinn trained Anakin Skywalker? (Andrew Haley)
  • What if Darth Vader killed Sidious in a fit of rage when he was told of Padme’s death? (Jeremy Eveland)

These are all fantastic scenarios, and there are plenty more in the GNN Facebook groups.  However, this author dreamt up a few of his own.

What If… Anakin Skywalker Never Turned to the Dark Side?

Imagine an alternate “Star Wars” where Anakin Skywalker resists the dark side, remaining a devoted Jedi. In this reality, he leads the Jedi Order with integrity through the Clone Wars, thwarting Palpatine’s evil plans. Anakin emerges as a beacon of hope and resilience, embodying his destiny as the Chosen One. His leadership extends past battlefields, fostering peace and bolstering Jedi diplomacy. This episode unveils a galaxy shaped by Anakin’s unwavering light, revealing his full potential as a galactic hero.

Jedi Master Anakin

What If… Jedi Master Skywalker? from

In this alternate tale, Anakin’s bonds are reimagined. His mentorship of Ahsoka Tano blossoms into an equal partnership, crucial in countering Sith schemes and upholding Jedi values. A strengthened alliance with Obi-Wan Kenobi, free from betrayal, presents a united defense against dark forces. Together, their combined might and wisdom could avert the Empire’s rise, reshape the Skywalker destiny, and forge a legacy of hope and justice. This scenario captures Anakin’s potential as a true Jedi champion, shaping a hopeful galaxy.

What If… Obi-Wan Kenobi joined Count Dooku

In an unexpected twist to the Star Wars narrative, imagine Obi-Wan Kenobi, disillusioned with the Jedi Council during the Clone Wars, being persuaded by Count Dooku’s vision of reforming the galaxy. This “What If…?” episode explores a reality where Obi-Wan, grappling with war’s complexities and moral ambiguities, sides with Dooku. This alliance would create a seismic shift in Obi-Wan’s character and redefine the galactic conflict’s contours.

Obi-Wan and Dooku together

Obi-Wan and Dooku from

In this scenario, Obi-Wan Kenobi combines his combat skills and strategic insight with Count Dooku’s political savvy and Sith knowledge, creating a powerful alliance. Together, they pose a significant challenge to Palpatine’s plans, potentially preventing his rise to Emperor. This intriguing alliance delves into the complexities of a Jedi Knight venturing into a morally grey area for a perceived greater good. The consequences of this partnership unfold in a galaxy where the traditional boundaries between dark and light sides blur, dramatically altering the trajectories of key characters and reshaping the galactic conflict in unpredictable ways.

What If… The Empire Successfully Defeated the Rebel Alliance at Endor?

Picture a ‘Star Wars: What If…?’ where the Empire wins at the Battle of Endor, creating a grim reality under Emperor Palpatine’s unopposed rule. This alternate timeline sees the Empire’s shadow stretching further, enforcing its oppressive rule galaxy-wide. The Death Star, ever-present and intact, symbolizes the Empire’s overwhelming power and the delicate nature of hope, emphasizing the changed fate of the galaxy.

Endor under Empire

What If the Empire won at Endor” from

The Rebellion barely clings to life in this dark “What If…?” scenario. Key heroes Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa must adapt to survive in a galaxy where the Empire reigns supreme and many of their comrades are killed. Their daunting journey, filled with danger and moral quandaries, tests their tenacity against a ruthless regime. This episode depicts their fierce fight for freedom in a galaxy overshadowed by darkness but lit by resistance.

Bonus: What If… Jar Jar Binks was THE Sith Lord Behind Palpatine’s Ascension to Emperor?

In this alternate universe, Jar Jar Binks is a shrewd Sith Lord. His clumsiness conceals a dark intellect plotting galactic turmoil. His motion to empower Palpatine is strategic, revealing his manipulation of political forces. As the hidden architect, Jar Jar uses key figures like pawns to steer events towards Sith supremacy.

Darth Binks

Darth Binks, the REAL master from:

In this alternate tale, Jar Jar Binks is pivotal in the Jedi Order’s downfall and the Empire’s ascent. He subtly propagates Sith teachings, corrupting the Republic from within, disguised as an unassuming Dark Lord. His cunning leads to the Jedi’s demise and the Sith’s unopposed rule, with Jar Jar as the secret force behind Palpatine.

Revitalizing and Expanding the Galaxy

“Star Wars: What If…?” would revitalize the franchise and expand it unprecedentedly. It offers a platform to explore ‘what could have been,’ igniting fans’ imaginations and introducing new dynamics to beloved characters. Disney has the opportunity to take “Star Wars” into a realm of infinite storytelling potential, ensuring that the Force continues to thrive in the hearts of viewers, new and old.

Now, we turn to you, the fans. What alternate “Star Wars” realities do you dream of? Share your ideas for a “Star Wars: What If…?” episode and join us in imagining a galaxy far, far away, where the only limit is our collective creativity. Let Disney know that the Force is strong with this idea!

You can catch Dr. Dana on The Sith Dominion Podcast on Tuesdays at 8 PM CT on YouTube and wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

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