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Game Review: “Life Of Delta”

I recently wrote a piece about five great games you can beat in a single sitting, well I’m not sure I would add Life Of Delta to that list even if it was a substanially longer list. I’m not usually a big fan of point-and-click adventure games, but Life of Delta did surprise me at times. It is overly simple in it’s presentation and HUD, but there are some standout moments of humanity in a game that is particularly devoid of humans.

The game follows the titular service robot, Delta, as it embarks on a journey to rescue it’s friend (Joe) from humanoid animals in a post-apocalyptic setting where humans are gone and robots (along with mutated animals) have taken over. For transparency’s sake I was provided a review key for this game/review. let’s dig in!

The Good

Life Of Delta is a point-and-click style of game that encourages experimentation and logic skills in solving puzzles. When the story is playing out and you are actively interacting with the enviornment the game plays just ok and is pretty straightforward. In fact it kind of reminds me of other games like Machinarium and the Broken Sword series where failure comes from doing things in the wrong order and improper timing.

What I really liked were the game’s aesthetics though.  It showcases a richly detailed world, blending depressing dystopian elements with a touch of whimsy and goofiness. The character designs are both charming and intriguing, Delta reminds me of Eva and Wall-E a bit in his simple design. The well-composed soundtrack also enhances the overall atmosphere of the game. It’s a pretty game most of the time and very charming.

I love a good Star Wars reference in my games. In-game capture from my PS5.

The puzzles in Life of Delta are well-integrated into the story and environment. They make sense and don’t feel too out of place in the game world. They challenge the player’s problem-solving skills without being overly frustrating (most of the time)

The Not So Good

Some of the puzzles can be a bit obtuse though. Several of the puzzles don’t make it clear what you are trying to do and the controls are almost never explained. It’s all just trial-and-error. The variety in puzzle design keeps the gameplay fresh and entertaining throughout the game though. While the puzzles are (sometimes) well-designed, the gameplay mechanics can sometimes feel clunky.

Players may find themselves struggling with the controls or the interaction mechanics. Sometimes certain interactions won’t register unless you wiggle the joystick around a bit. It just doesn’t feel good to move about the world of the game.

One of the more enjoyable minigames was basically a rhytm section.

Lastly the pacing and story sections feel a bit unbalanced. Some parts of the game (like the sushi restaurant and band section) feel too short and rushed. Other parts (like the repair of the aircraft and prison section) outlast their welcome and drag a bit. Not all the sections have to be the exact same length, but for a four hour game I think it should have been better balanced.

Closing Thoughts

Life of Delta by Airo Games is a good effort in the point-and-click adventure genre. Its strengths lie in its visual presentation, charming storyline, and creative puzzle variety. However, its gameplay mechanics need refinement, and issues with replayability and story pacing prevent it from being a “must play”. Therefore, a score of 6 out of 10 seems appropriate.

It stands out as a game worth experiencing for its narrative and visual artistry, but it falls short of being a truly great game in every other aspect. You can find Life of Delta on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. For more geeky coverage be sure to follow GeekNewsNow on Facebook (here) and our Twitter/X account here. Stay geeky out there!

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