Pokémon TV To End Service In March

Since its debut back in 2010, Pokémon TV was the #1 platform to turn to for the best content of the Pokémon series. This also included Kids TV, shorts (dubbed Pokétoons), and various films. However, on January 8th, the company announced that- due to unclear circumstances- the streaming service will shut down its broadcasting on March 28th. This unexpected news left many viewers perplexed, unsure as to how the company will continue to support and air their content moving forward.

For now, let us discuss just what Pokémon TV is, why it could be shutting down, and what this could mean for the series in general. Reminder: the following won’t be a definitive answer, rather an opinion. Therefore, I await your responses in the comments below.

Pokémon TV; Gotta View ‘Em All:

To answer the first question; what is Pokémon TV? Simply put, the app is a free-to-view online service where you can watch any current available series from Indigo League to Journeys for a simple cost of Free.99. However, due to limitations such as data and bandwidth across several devices, only a select amount of series can be viewed at one time.

However, it does go without saying that being able to watch some of your favorite episodes across various devices is quite convenient. In addition to the films and shorts also being available, the streaming app also covered various news related to the Players Cup and Championships. In conclusion: Pokémon TV had it all.

This now leads us to our main question:

Why End It Now?

Limelight supported Pokemon TV. Image from

With well over 3m downloads, surely it had nothing to do with viewership and consumers, right? Be that as it may, it would seem our main perpetrator could very well be the support system: Limelight Network.

Pokémon TV uses Limelight Network……. service probably becoming too expensive.” – Few-Map7028 (Reddit)

Although this may come across as speculation, this proves quite a valid point. Over the years, streaming has become the top dog over cable and satellite programs. However, services such as Netflix, Hulu, and even Prime are classic examples of ‘Spared No Expense”. It costs quite a lot of money to keep a service running. And although somewhat easily available, these services don’t come cheap and Limelight isn’t shy about its price tag. For example, since the company uses Limelight to support TV across various devices (Android, IOS, Switch), its streaming support costs a whopping total of $3k. Sure the company has enough to cover the expenses, but with how often they had to pay the service, it’s a wonder the app lasted as long as it did.

Furthermore, the Pokémon Company did make a statement later on that a new TV service will be available sometime in the near future. This could mean that while we would say goodbye to Pokémon TV, the company could be planning something big in order to allow us to continue watching their shows.

Where To Watch And Where To Go:

Stream various Pokemon episodes across various services. Image from

As stated above, Pokémon TV will end its service on March 28th. Furthermore, the service is currently unavailable for download as of January 8th. So, if you don’t have the streaming app now, you won’t have it period. However, once the deadline hits, those who do have the app will eventually lose accessibility. Furthermore, this also means that even new content such as Pokémon Horizons (Launching March 7th on Netflix) won’t be available until later on. So, where do we go?

Well, although the company provided a thorough list of where to watch their series, I wouldn’t say this is helpful. Considering the various paid subscriptions, it’s a lot to ask for from your viewers. However, considering the Pokémon anime has been a long-watched series, surely the company will find a way to distribute their content sometime in the future. Personally, I would try and find a replacement ASAP so as not to lose viewership.

But, tell us what you think. Will the Pokémon Company find a new way to stream their series, or will we have to resort to the various services released to the public? Let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page, as we keep our viewers up-to-date on the latest happenings.

Thanks Pokémon TV for your years of service. Stay Geeky!

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