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Pokemon: Rated E For Literally Everyone

Since 1996, Pokémon became a staple in both the online and offline community. From video games and anime, to cards and toys. And with each passing year, there’s always new things happening with the beloved franchise. But, there’s always that one significant question: Just how much has Pokemon impacted the world since its release? Well, don’t you worry fellow viewers! Geek News Now is here to help you get a better grasp on just how much this long lasting series had an impact to our everyday lives.

So, sit back and relax as we explore how Pokémon shaped our world for the better!

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Mainline games up to ORAS. Image from

It’s the age old saying that’s been said for over 30 years now. But, how does one ‘Catch ’em all’? Simple: playing the mainline games, of course! Ever since the release of Red, Blue, and Green back in 1996, gamers from all over the world searched and caught these magnificent creatures, and fought each other in heated competitions to prove who the very best was. Since its debut, the franchise developed a massive following from Japan all the way to America. Some would even argue that the franchise is way more popular than that of its competitor, Digimon. And although the comparisons are constantly being made even to this day, nothing truly beats the fact that Pocket Monsters is a much more popular franchise.

Furthermore, because the games come in pairs of two, people discovered that the Pokémon they encountered differ depending on which version they owned. For example, while trainers can encounter a Larvitar in Shield, others will encounter Deino in Sword. So, if you want what the other has, all you have to do is link up and begin trading with each other. This feature was later configured into what is now known as the GTS (Global Trading System).  With it, players from even the other side of the globe can freely trade with each other no matter the distance!

Pokémon GO!

Go out and explore with Pokemon Go. Image from

Ah, yes. The mobile game developed by Niantic back in 2016. Pokémon Go is a mobile app that has you run around in the real world catching Pokémon, battling gyms, and facing off in battles against your friends. Since its launch, the mobile game has surged in popular not only with casual players, but even for competitive players as well. GO also allows people to join specific teams: Instinct (Yellow), Mystic (Blue), and Valor (Red). Each team can control multiple gyms, and even conquer opposing teams gyms. This really

Since the game has you exploring the real world, this can actually help you navigate your neighborhood and show you specific landmarks. Of course, since GO occurs in real time, you have to make sure to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Last thing you want to do is think your encountering a Houndour, when you’re actually encountering your neighbors Chihuahua!

Whether its connecting with friends online, participating in competitions, or exploring the world, Pocket Monsters definitely does its part well when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors! Now, let’s move past gaming and discuss one of my personal favorite topics: cooking!

Cooking With Pokémon!

Pokemon Cookbook features tons of amazing recipes. Image from

How can we not talk about food! We love to eat and so do Pokémon, Snorlax especially! If you love to cook, then the My Pokémon Cookbook, published by Victoria Rosenthal, is right for you! Filled with absolutely delicious recipes such as Dragonite Gnocchi and even Dedenne Ramen, this cookbook will make you feel like your really cooking with Pokémon. And if cooking at home isn’t enough, then you’ll surely enjoy this comfy camping video by Pokémon Kids TV. By making these small recipes, even the quietest camping trips can become the best ones.

Whether you enjoy cooking at home for yourself or the great outdoors with friends and family, cooking with recipes inspired by Pokémon will definitely spice up your meals any day of the week.

Snorlax Is Ready For Bed. Are You?

Pokemon Sleep helps track sleeping hours. Image from

Everyone enjoys a good nights rest every once in a while. The only concern is of course how much sleep you get every night. Well, now you don’t need to worry anymore! Introducing Pokémon Sleep. A mobile app developed by Select Button. In this app, you are given a campsite and a Snorlax to take of throughout the day. When it’s time for bed, simply tap the sleep icon on the bottom right to begin Sleep Research. Here, you can select what time you want to wake up, and what type of alarm goes off. Personally, I prefer the Pikachu alarm to wake up to.

The app also utilizes the Microphone and Accelerometer in order to properly track your sleeping habits, such as noises you make or how often you turn in your sleep. Furthermore, you’ll be given results on how well you slept and what type of sleeper you are. Of course, since this is a Pokémon game you’ll be given the chance to encounter random Pokémon that’ll appear in your camp. Give these little critters some biscuits, and soon you’ll have some partners to help in your sleep research and taking care of Snorlax.

If you want help tracking your sleep, Pokémon Sleep is currently available to download on your IOS or Android devices.

Whether your cooking, gaming, or sleeping, Game Freak definitely knows what their consumers want in terms of living a comfortable life. Communications, navigation, living your daily lives. Pokémon will always be there waiting to help their fellow trainers. But let us know if and how Game Freaks Pocket Monsters have changed your life by leaving a comment down below. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page, as we keep our fellow viewers up-to-date on the latest happenings.

Keep being the vary best like no one ever was, trainers! And, as always, Stay Geeky!

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