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Star Wars 2024 Bold Prediction: We Get Closure for Mace Windu

Mace Windu with his lightsaber

With Disney bringing Mace Windu back to the forefront of our minds with the upcoming book “Star Wars: The Glass Abyss” (release date August 6th, 2024), we can hear the Star Wars fans wondering, “whatever happened to the Jedi Master who was thrown out the window?” It has been 19 years since we saw Mace Windu get defeated (and de-handed) and it is time for Lucasfilm to provide the fans with answers and details about Master Windu’s fate.

Mace Windu Fighting Palpatine in Episode III – Lucasfilm

In 2024, I predict that Lucasfilm will give Star Wars fans more information about what happened to Windu after he suffered such a “shocking” exit. Did Mace fall to his death? Did he manage to catch onto a speeder and make it to safety? Did he survive Order 66? The fans know how Star Wars works, if there is no body, then there is no death. Think about Darth Maul at the end of “The Phantom Menace” who was cut in half. Palpatine was blown up and they still found a way to bring him back…somehow.

I’m not predicting that Windu is going to get his own show on Disney+ but Mace showing up and making an appearance in The Bad Batch: Season 3 would be great and having him meet his end in the series finale would be a memorable moment. 

Another idea is to have Mace Windu become the Joruus C’baoth in a Thrawn story. Instead of a crazy Jedi clone, you get a senile (potentially fallen) Jedi master. He was known to practice close to the dark side and there have been rumors that Lucasfilm is trying to recreate a version of “Heir to the Empire”, but due to other stories in canon, they have to make some changes to get the pegs to fit in the holes and using a crazy Mace Windu would certainly fill this hole while giving fans closure to a loved character. 

Skywalker and Thrawn

Skywalker and Thrawn “Heir to the Empire” from Lucasarts

Considering how the fanbase jumped when they thought Mace was found frozen in the Obi-Wan series, this closure is way past due and would give a respected character a proper ending.

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