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Worthy Chaos Redemption Comics Interview

Geek News Now sits down with indie writer Corissa Grant, creator of the Worthy Chaos Redemption comics to talk about her inspiration along with who she relates to the most in her books.

What is it about?

In the twisted realm of Worthy Chaos Redemption, Seraphine, a paranormal hunter with angelic lineage, and Draven, a demon with a dark past must weave through a tapestry of adventure and horror. Battling hellhounds, zombies, bloodthirsty vampires, and the ominous prescience of Anubis all while an angel/demon war rages on.

Their survival hinges on unraveling the mystery binding them to this war. The duo not only need to fight for each others existence but are also on a quest to reveal the true reason to why both angels and demons are after them. The comics take inspiration from numerous shows and games like Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Silent Hill, etc. As seen with each issue that comes out.

1.What inspired you to create the Worthy Chaos Redemption comics?

“I got obsessed with the game Resident Evil 2, and after learning about roleplaying online, i decided to roleplay as Claire Redfield. I did that for over 15 years, and during that time I fell in love with supernatural  and merged the two.”

“I held onto the story idea for 11 years until I met my co-writer. I asked if she would write the second main character’s role and she agreed. We have been writing for 3 years now and have 100+ issues written. 45 are for series 1 of Redemption.” Said Grant.

The inspiration behind the indie comic Worthy Chaos Redemption image from

2. Are there any characters that you relate to in the series?

When asked this question Corissa quickly responded with one of the characters from her book. “Seraphine is definitely my own true character. She talks a lot like me and has my sense of humor.”

3. Favorite guilty pleasure movie or show

Shaun of the Dead and Wrong Turn are my two favorite movies, and Supernatural and X-files would be my favorite shows.”

A guilty pleasure movie that Corrisa Grant loves to watch image from

4. Do you have any advice for any up-and-coming comic book creators/writers?

“Write out the story first, at least have the first two issues, and the entire ending already written. Not known, has to be written. It might change, but knowing you know how it ends, makes sure it won’t go downhill, be rushed, or stress you out later.”

“And when looking for an artist, do NOT pay them for character design, its way more pricier and doesn’t help you. Ask for a page of the script, and just tell them what the characters look like, its half the price on average and you get to see how they do layouts and write the characters in different scenes. Wish I knew about it first, because would have saved thousands.”

5. How did you meet your artist?

“I posted on Facebook my first chapter and asked for free submissions for anyone looking to be hired for a long-term story. 5 people were working on it, when he asked to be included. I said sure, you can hand one in free and I will look at it first, or wait until I don’t chose any of the 5 currently working on it, and then pay him for it. He did it for free. In 24 hours, he had the page penciled, inked, colored and lettered. I hired him on the spot.”


Be on the lookout for series 7 of the Worthy Chaos Chronicles now available on their website. For more interviews or news on video games, comics, or up coming shows and movies be sure to checkout GNN for all things geeky. As always thanks for reading and stay geeky!



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