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Top 10 Games To Look Out For In 2024

2023 is over and we got some amazing games out of the year. But if you think next year is going to wind down so you can catch up on the past year’s heavy hitters, think again. 2024 is barely about to start but already it is promising to be another banger year like the last. Here are ten games to look out for in 2024, don’t sleep on these titles.

10. Ultros

First shown during the 2023 May PlayStation “State Of Play”, Ultros is described as “a psychedelic metroidvania where you wake up stranded on The Sarcophagus- a cosmic uterus holding an ancient, demonic being.”

The title card for the game.

Apparently there is an entire subgame within revolving around gardening and cultivating resources to aid in your time-loop fight. Frankly the game just looks visually gorgeous and vibrant. Something I crave during these drab winter months. Developed by El Huervo, expect to go on this psychedelic trip February 13th 2024.

9. Zenless Zone Zero

Yet another MMO entry in the collection of the Hoyoverse games like Genshin Impact and Honkai: StarRail, Zenless Zone Zero is just around the corner. I might be cheating by double-dipping as I included this game in our “The 2023 Game Awards’ 10 Best Games Announcements” article, but I am just that excited about it.

Promotional art for the game.

ZZZ foregoes the space and fantasy settings of it’s predecessors for something a little more grounded and urban. The title gives off that street-punk vibe and just conveys hip-hop and youthful vibes. I look forward to it’s “to be determined” 2024 release date.

8. Nightingale

Nightingale is a multiplayer open-world game with a Victorian / Gaslamp aesthetic that oozes classical charm. The game is Inflexion Games’ debut title and all eyes are on the fledgling studio and expectations are appropriately high. GameInformer has the exclusive scoop and says:

Nightingale arrives in Early Access via Steam and Epic Games Store on February 22, 2024, for $30. According to Inflexion Games, this launch will mark the beginning of the road to a 1.0 launch, with a high level of collaboration with the community. Inflexion hopes to continue iterating, improving, and adding to the game as the Early Access period continues.

Nightingale promo art.

The game looks very unique and exciting, I’m looking forward to it’s February 22nd Early Access premiere.

7. Palworld

The Pokémon parody is one of the most anticipated titles around since it’s reveal back in 2021. Palworld features catchable critters, much like Pokémon, but introduces realistic firearms into the mix. You can mow down tons of cute little monsters, or arm your own monsters and have them go to war against other monsters.

M2 .50 Cal machine guns make everything better.

While the premise is hilarious and attention-grabbing the game is going to have to do more than that to stand on it’s own and establish its identity. Palworld goes into Steam Early Access in January, so early adopters can give their impressions soon!

6. Hades 2

The sequel to 2020’s hit roguelike, Hades, is coming out at some point during the 2nd quarter of 2024. Supergiant Games isn’t known for creating sequels to their games, but with the breakout popularity that Hades enjoyed, it does make fiscal sense to follow it up. What we know about the premise this time around comes from Polygon:

Hades 2 will center on Melinoë, the Princess of the Underworld and sister to Hades’ protagonist Zagreus, as she embarks on a journey to save her father from Chronos, the Titan of Time. Along the way, Melinoë will rely on the aid of her mentor Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft, as well as other Olympian gods and heroes.

It sounds like a hellishly good time, and we look forward to the Early Access release of the game.

5. Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes

At long last, the spiritual successor to the Suikoden games is almost here! Being developed by Rabbit and Bear Games, Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes is being led by the original creator of the first two Suikoden games, Yoshitaka Murayama. Since Konami hasn’t made a new Suikoden game since 2008, it’s nice to see the original creator pull a “Thanos” and “do it himself”.

Looks like a six man party.

Hundred Heroes (and the Suikoden series itself) stands apart from other traditional turn-based RPGs by featuring over 100 unique recruitable party members. I can’t wait to put some serious time into the game when it releases April 2024.

4.Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord looks absolutely gorgeous in that iconic Vanillaware artstyle. I’ll let the team at Vanillaware explain the premise:

From the masterminds that brought 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim and Odin Sphere, ATLUS x Vanillaware presents the rebirth of tactical fantasy RPG. Fight against fate and embark on a royal adventure to regain your reign alongside trustworthy allies.

Unicorn Overlord combines the timeless tactical RPG genre with overworld exploration and innovative battle system for a unique epic fantasy experience in the iconic Vanillaware style.”

Gorgeous art.

If you’re a fan of Odin Sphere or GrimGrimoire then this title might just be up your alley. The game releases March 8th 2024.

3. Star Wars Outlaws

Outlaws has the potential to inspire future Star Wars titles with it’s open world.

Star Wars fan? Check! Open-World? Check! Seamless transition from planet to space? Check! Epic heist story set against a backdrop of the Galactic Empire? Check and check! Star Wars Outlaws is being developed by Ubisoft and it promises to be one of the best gaming experiences of 2024. Ubisoft puts it this way:

Experience the first-ever open world Star Wars™ game, set between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Explore distinct planets across the galaxy, both iconic and new. Risk it all as Kay Vess, a scoundrel seeking freedom and the means to start a new life, along with her companion Nix. Fight, steal, and outwit your way through the galaxy’s crime syndicates as you join the galaxy’s most wanted.

We covered the game and announcement earlier in the year, and our excitement has not waned at all since then.

2. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Now this is the big one. The next chapter in the long running series that has single handedly defined the JRPG genre. Final Fantasy VII Remake changed things up back in 2020, but Rebirth promises to change things even further! The team at Square-Enix are claiming the game will be 40 hours long (which is longer than the entire length of the original title).

The party runs into Vincent.

We got playable Red XIII and Yuffie, and it looks like Caith Sith and Vincent will round out the final cast at last. Will A certain someone still meet with a fatal end? Will a different character take the fall instead? Only one way to find out, February 29th 2024.

1. Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

The next entry in the long running Yakuza series (now referred to here on out as “Like A Dragon“) sees our boys Kiryu and Ichiban heading to Hawaii to settle a few things. This will be the first time the main series leaves Japan, but Yokohama will also play a big part in the game’s setting.

The team is all here.

For fans of the turn-based setting of the prior game and they shying away from straight out brawling will love that this game continues with the RPG aesthetic. Along with that various minigames from across the franchise will return such as Darts, Karaoke, and Mahjong (plus a few new ones including an island management minigame). Infinite Wealth drops January 26th 2024.

Closing Thoughts

What do you guys think about our list? Feel it’s missing some other obvious 2024 entries? Maybe the list is too short or too long? Sound off in the comment section, we love reading and responding to your responses. For more geeky coverage be sure to follow GeekNewsNow on all the social networks you frequent. Follow us on Twi-, I mean, X here. Be sure to subscribe to, and stay geeky out there everyone!

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