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Star Wars

The State Of Star Wars Games Into 2024

Just as it is appropriate for the President of the United States to annually take stock and deliver a report on the State of the Union, so it is to wind down and look back and reflect on the year and meditate on what is to come next. Granted, Star Wars probably isn’t as important as the economic and material health of a real nation, but to some folks out there it is.

With everything that has happened this year from the announcements of new games, quiet cancellations and more, it’s good to assess the situation and do a pulse-check of arguably one of the biggest IPs in the world. Let us put on our stethoscopes and do a gut check on the health of Star Wars in the video game space.

The Old Republic Got Shuffled Around

In the video game department Star Wars was quite busy this year. Development of Bioware’s money making MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic changed hands to Broadsword (The studio behind Ultima online) freeing Bioware’s hands a bit (although EA will continue to be the publisher). Understandably this move was done so that Bioware can shift full focus to it’s own unique IP and the newest entries in their series’: Mass Effect and Dragon Age

Some SWTOR players are concerned about the game no longer getting substantial expansions and updates but Bioware states that those fears are unfounded and more is to come to SWTOR. Back in 2009 during E3 gamers and Star Wars fans around the world were thrilled by the cinematic trailer for the game called “Deceived”. Back in 2019 EA reported that the game was close to reaching $1,000,000,000 in revenue, making it a massive success for them overall! We will see how bright the future of the MMO is in the next few years.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Does More Than Just Survive

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor came out at the tail end of April and racked up some great reviews with a Metacritic score of 85 and 84 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S respectively. Despite how well the game reviewed it was mostly buried in a year of amazing game releases like The Legend Of Zelda: Tears of the Game and Starfield. Jedi Survivor was nominated for various categories at The Game Awards and Golden Joystick Awards but failed to win anything. It was disappointing to see Cameron Monaghan not win a single award for his performance as Cal Kestis.

Cameron Monaghan as Cal Kestis.

Sales wise it sounds like it exceeded projections from EA. Paul Tassi said this over at Forbes: According to EA, Jedi Survivor is performing “very strongly” against the internal expectations they set for the game, and also compared to its predecessor, Fallen Order, with millions of players already on board.” Not only that, over in the U.K. sales for Jedi Survivor were up 30% in it’s launch week compared to the launch week for the first game, Fallen Order. No doubt it won’t be too long before we hear from the team over at Respawn about the next entry in the series. 

Star Wars: Outlaws Looks Promising

Back in June we got our first look at a brand new third-person shooter open world game! The long rumored untitled Star Wars game from Ubisoft was finally revealed to be Star Wars: Outlaws. The game follows Kay Vess, a scoundrel of sorts during the events between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, looking to score the biggest heist ever, right under the Empire’s nose. We got a very cinematic trailer and a full ten minutes of gameplay showing Vess sneaking around, exchanging fire with some enemies, and take off into space, all seamlessly!

However, as usual, there was a pocket of the fandom that was less than thrilled about the female main character. Many took to Twitter (X) to complain. Some lamented that it being an open world game it should have a customizable character. Others were much more direct and stated they didn’t want to play as a woman and that Disney had some kind of “agenda”. What else is new in 2023, am I right? That said, the gameplay we have seen so far looks sharp and solid. I can’t wait for the release sometime in 2024.

Eclipse And KOTOR Remake Have Slipped Into The Shadows

However not everything is all roses, there have been some upsets. Star Wars: Hunters, an arena shooter, has been repeatedly delayed since it’s reveal at the February 2021 Nintendo Direct. It saw a soft Beta testing in parts of Asia but it’s full global release keeps getting pushed back. The game was supposed to come out back in November of this year, but Take-Two interactive has delayed it to next year. We’ll see if that actually happens.

*sigh* Sometimes I still dream about Eclipse and what it could one day be.

And in a way that evokes memories of Star Wars 1313, the Knights Of The Old Republic Remake has been indefinitely shelved for the time being. Back in November, renowned video game pundit and journalist, Jeff Grub, reported that no studio is actively working on the remake, it’s just shelved. This is a huge bummer as it was my most anticipated title of the year.

Also Star Wars Eclipse, from Quantic Dream, is having some development issues of it’s own. Announced at The Game Awards in 2021, the studio has been very quiet about the title since then. Rumors were swirling that the impressive trailer was a recruiting tool to get interest from potential developers to get the game actually made. Back in September of this year the studio told IGN the game was still alive, “just simmering”, and that it still exists. Excuse me, but “simmering” doesn’t exactly instill me with confidence.

Closing Thoughts

Sure, the future of Star Wars games looks a bit murky, but there is still hope in the galaxy! There are at LEAST two Star Wars game in development that we have not mentioned yet. There is a Star Wars strategy game in the works from the fine folks over at Bit Reactor. The studio is made up of former Firaxis devs, so expect something like the Civilization or XCom games. No word on a release date but we could see it pop up in 2024.

Lastly there is the project being developed by Skydance New Media, the team being headed by legendary game developer Amy Hennig (Uncharted). This is Hennig’s 2nd chance at a Star Wars game after her former project codenamed “Ragtag” was canceled. Some even speculate that the new game could just be Ragtag under a new name.

What do you guys think about these ambitious Star Wars projects? Are there too many of them? Not enough? I think we can at least say things are way more interesting after being in the “EA-exclusive” era for a decade.

For more coverage of all things geeky be sure to follow us at our Facebook page here and subscribe to GeekNewsNow. As always stay geeky in 2024 and beyond!

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