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Genshin Impact; Lights, Kamera, Muskets!

The Genshin Impact 4.3 Update is here, fellow Travlers! Following the 4.3 Special Program, we got an exclusive look at all sorts of content players can participate in. New and returning events, story quests, and wish banner reruns are just some of the exciting things players can look forward to. Therefore, we at Geek News Now are more than happy to share with our fellow geeks the new content that’ll help us finish this year with a BANG! Literally.

With Genshin Impact 3.4 launching today, let’s take a look and see what awaits us! Do keep in mind, that although some of these events are already up by the time of this posting, other events listed below will take place in the near future.

Genshin Impact; The Plays The Thing!

A new Story Quest awaits us Travelers, as we run into some rather familiar faces. No longer considered the Hydro Archon of Fontaine, Furina is currently trying her hand at film making. Reason being, she is preparing for the Fontinalia Film Festival! A new event in Fontaine event, the festival is held to commemorate the legendary Lochknights, soldiers responsible for gifting Fontaine their first Archon, Egeria. However, it would seem Furina is in need of our assistance, as she requires decent actors and a good plot in mind. Joined by Kamisato Ayaka, Yoimiya, Chevreuse, and Navia, the Taveler and Paimon plan to help Furina make the best action film ever.

If you think you have what it takes, be sure to participate in Genshin Impact 3.4: Roses and Muskets. I for one can’t wait to see how well Navia and Chevreuse’s acting skills are! Speaking of which, let’s talk about our next favorite subject!

Guns Blazing, The Shogun’s Return!

Navia, Ayaka, Shogun, and Yoimiya. Image from

In Genshin Impact Version 4.3, we’ll be receiving three banner reruns for returning characters. In the first half, we’ll have 5-Star Geo Claymore-wielder Navia run alongside Kamisato Ayaka. While Navia’s weapon is a Claymore, she much prefers to use her Geo-infused Gunbrella. By collecting elemental shards using her Skill, Ceremonial Crystalshot, she fires at opponents to deal Geo damage. The more shards she collects, the stronger the damage output. However, if too many shards are collected, the stack resets. So, be sure to fire when ready. In addition to this, her Elemental Burst Sunlit Sky Salute fires a barrage of Geo boulders, dealing Geo AOE damage. In addition, this helps generate shards for her to collect, driving the damage further.

As for the second half, both Yoimiya and Raiden Shogun will receive their banner reruns as well. Alongside them is 4-Star Pyro Polearm-wielder Righteous Enforcer Captain Chevreuse. With the captain on your side, she fires her trusty Musket to deal Pyro AOE damage. She can also aim at opponents, and can gradually heal active characters on the field afterward. If you have an Electro member on your team, her Elemental Skill can also provide buffs to the party relying on Overload reactions. Her Elemental Burst creates a large bomb, that can multiply and explode creating futher Pyro AOE damage.

With two gun-wielders set to release this update, It’s interesting to see Genshin Impact evolving from primitive weaponry to modern technology. Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Fontaine. Now, let’s move to my favorite topic: Special Events!

Hitman; Uncertain Absolution:

Event page for Roses and Muskets. Image from

In the first special event, Special Security Trainee Turenna placed a commision to test out a series of trials for the Traveler to take on:

  1. Thousand-Pace Sharpshooting Zone Use a simulation device to lock onto and strike down targets in various locations.
  2. Furious Clash of Rage Take to the stage and defeat an endless wave of opponents. Use the Studio Special Lighting Effect to recieve various buffs for a chance at a higher score.
  3. Xtreme Dive– Played in the style of Hungry Hungry Hippos, travelers will compete against each other to collect Stabilization Mekaballs. Use the various skill boosts scattered around the arena to collect and score big.
  4. Into The Frame Help Navia create scenic events for a short film using your Kamera. Create special scenes and receive high praise for great rewards.

By completeing these events, Travelers can receive the special 4-Star Claymore Ultimate Overlord’s Mega Magic Sword. Sounds like a great weapon for Navia’s gameplay. Up next, we have two returning events that’ll reunite us with some special faces.

Genshin Impact Beetle Brawling Treasure Seekers!

Beetle Battle event page. Image from

Arataki Itto returns, and this time he’s in Liyue. It would seem he received permission to host the Arataki Beetle Battle Boot Camp at Wanmin Restraunt. Unlike the prior event in Inazuma, this event will run a little differently. The Onikabuto you control can now not only guard against elemental attacks, but also counter and deflect them back against opponents. Use your skills and test your wits, Itto’s Beetle Master awaits your challenge.

Lost Riches event page. Image from

Another returning event is Lost Riches! Treasure Tracker Ulman arrives to Fontaine, seeking out valuable treasure hidden beneath the waters of the Hydro nation. Assist him with the help of a trusty Seelie to locate these treasures. In return, you can obtain a Seelie of your very own in any color you choose! Furthermore, the Seelie you obtain can now follow you underwater! This is great considering some of our travel buddies are limited to land.

And that’s all the main events coming to Genshin Impact 3.4! With the addition of Liben’s Marvelous Merchandise, new TCG cards, and more QOL features on the way, players can be sure to expect tons of rewards and Primogems for more wish making.

But, tell us what you think. What event are you looking forward to participating in? Let us know in the comments down below. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page, as we keep our viewers up-to-date on the latest happenings. May the wind guide you fellow Travelers. And, as always, Stay Geeky!

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