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Pokemon Scarlet And Violet; Welcome To The Biodome!

The final trailer for the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet; Indigo Disc DLC aired on December 7th. The trailer showcased new information regarding the Blueberry Academy in Unova, and Area Zero in Paldea. With much to cover, we at Geek News Now are happy to share with our fellow viewers what we learned about the upcoming DLC. Although covered before in a prior article, we now have clearer information we can discuss with our audience.

With that out of the way, let’s get started!

Scarlet and Violet; Welcome To Battle Paradise!

(L-R) Drayton, Crispin, Lacey, and Amarys. Blueberry Elite Four. Image from

After our adventures in Kitakami with Kieran and Carmine, Professor Jacq requested we return to Paldea for some exciting news. Professor Cyrano of Blueberry Academy has arrived and requested we transfer to his academy to really put our skills to the ultimate test. Upon accepting, we arrive to the Unova Region to challenge the academy and its dubbed Elite Four. However, before we take on these top tier opponents we must first tackle their unique challenges. There’s also a familiar face waiting to challenge you at the end, with a score to settle.

In addition to the school, there is also the academy’s grand attraction: the Terarium. This massive underwater area is home to a variety of Pokemon, and consists of four unique Biomes. Combined with regulated temperatures, the area also works as a learning ground for the academy’s top students. While completeing challenges rewards the players with BP, there’s also another exciting feature to be introduced.

Gotta Synch ‘Em All! 

Synching up with partner Pokemon. Image from

While exploring the Terarium, you’ll come across a woman named Synclair. As a scientist for Blueberry Academy, she wants to create a device called the Synchro Machine that allows trainers to mentally connect with partner Pokemon, seeing the world in their eyes. Furthermore, this feature will also allow said Pokemon to engage in combat without needing to wait for commands. Whether this feature will work outside Blueberry throughout Scarlet and Violet remains to be seen. However, if that’s the case, imagine soaring through the air as a Kilowattrel!

Legends Love Cookies?

Legendary Pokemon return in special encounters. Image from

As another upcoming feature, Legendary Pokemon will also return to the game through means of obtaining special snacks from a mysterious NPC. These special snacks will attract specific Legendary Pokemon to the Paldea Region. Help yourselves to these delicacies, and you’ll be able to encounter Pokemon like Rayquaza or even the powerful Kyurem. While still unclear if all the Legendaries will return, or if they’ll be Scarlet and Violet exclusives has yet to be determined. But, this definitely solves some issues people have with those not being able to have access to things such as Pokemon Home.

The True Treasure Of Scarlet And Violet!

Encounter Terapagos below Area Zero. Image from

Finally, let’s discuss what we’ve all been waiting for. The truth behind Terastilization.

Throughout our adventure in Paldea, Terastilization played a key role with our success during Gym Challenges, Titan Battles, and the League Championship. There was much mystery hiding behind the origin of Tera-Types, but it all connected to one location: Area Zero. Previously known as the home to Paradox Pokemon, this area also held a larger secret hidden far beneath its depths. A Pokemon mentioned in the Scarlet and Violet books said to wield the power of Terastilization without the use of a Tera Orb. Its shell encased in glimmering scales. This creature was none other than the Terastal Pokemon, Terapagos.

Indeed, the source of Terastilization hailed from this small, yet powerful Pocket Monster, said to be able to constantly shift Tera-Types in the middle of combat. With previous explorers being unable to withstand its power, how will we fair when we face off against it? Many mysteries await us within the depths of Area Zero, and it’ll be up to us to solve it once and for all.

However, what exactly is the secret of Terapagos? And what is this mysterious 19th tera-Type, and its connection to Tera Blast? All will be revealed when the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC: Indigo Disc launches tomorrow, December 14th!

Extra News!

Face the creation duo and obtain Darkrai. Image from

While we await the arrival of Blueberry Academy, trainers can currently take on Dialga and Palkia in Dragon-Tera Raid Battles until December 21st. Furthermore, the Mythical Pokemon Darkrai will be available via Mystery Gift code (NEWM00N1SC0M1NG) until the same time. Be sure to also use Mystery Gift code (SH1NYBUDDY) to receive a Shiny Lucario, available until January 3rd.

But tell us how you feel about this. Are you excited about Blueberry Academy? Let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to check our Facebook page, as we keep our viewers up-to-date on the latest happenings. That’s it from us for now, fellow Pokemon trainers.

Ciao! And remember, Stay Geeky!

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