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The 2023 Game Award’s 10 Best Game Announcements

There was a lot of drama online surrounding the nature of The Game Awards these past few days. Whether the show is more of a spectacle for announcing games than actually giving out awards is definitely an important conversation worth having. And you can find a lot of people having that conversation across the internet and even in my last article.

But right now, at this particular moment, let’s talk about games. We saw a myriad of announcements during, and before, the show. Here are our 10 most anticipated games announced during The Game Awards 2023.

10. Harmonium: The Musical

This game’s trailer charmed the pants off of us. The title centers around a deaf girl who happens to also be a musician named Melody Mecato. She uses sign language to communicate and the art style is the most wholesome thing we saw all show! It has this Disney-esque quality that is hard to pin down exactly.

It is being developed by studio The Odd Gentlemen, who developed the King Quest game from 2015. They are working on making the game as accessibility friendly as possible by making it ASL friendly. This is taken from the game’s website: 

Harmonium is a collaboration between writers, designers, artists, and animators in the Deaf Community coming together with an award-winning narrative game studio, The Odd Gentlemen, to create an accessible game for a wide, all-ages audience to enjoy.

I, for one, will be checking it out when it releases on Netflix Games and Xbox GamePass.

9. Exodus

Matthew McConaughey had to come out on stage to announce this game, as he is apparently voicing the main character. Exodus is the debut game from Archetype Entertainment. The game seems to revolve around aliens at war with humanity and time dilation (something McConaughey is familiar with in Interstellar).

What puts this game on our radar is the team behind it rather than just the raw visuals. The studio is made up of BioWare veterans, including the lead director of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic. That’s enough to get us excited.

8. Kemuri

Kemuri is a “proof of concept” game in development for now, until it finds a publisher to work with. It is being developed by a brand new studio, Unseen. Unseen is the brain child of Ikumi Nakamura who many may remember as the bubbly and outgoing creative director from Tango Gameworks.

The game has a flashy aesthetic and seems to revolve around parkour-going warriors fighting invisible monsters that are heavily inspired by Japanese folklore and mysticism. It looks pretty original and flashy, right up my alley.

7. Visions Of Mana

The beloved Square-Enix franchise is finally returning! Visions Of Mana was formally announced and will be the first new mainline entry in the series since 2006’s Dawn of Mana.

The mana games are action RPGs with varying quality between titles. I for one am a big fan of Square-Enix’s games and Sword of Mana (2003) is one of my favorite games. Let’s hope this is one of the higher quality games in the series.

6. OD

OD was revealed on stage as a collaboration between legendary game creator Hideo Kojima and horror film icon, Jordan Peele. This is the rumored Xbox game project that Kojima was developing with Microsoft’s Cloud technology. The game is described as a horror cinematic experience that is part movie but also part game.

Is it just a visual novel or a walking simulator of some kind? It is too early to tell, but we are excited about the possibilities of the two cultural icons and what they can come up with.

5. Lost Records: Bloom and Rage

Don’t Nod, the makes of the Life Is Strange series of games are back with a new IP (intellectual property). From the trailer Lost Records seems to give a Stranger Things meets Chronicle vibe with it’s use of found footage and sort of counter-culture teenage girl cast of characters.

We see a time jump in the teaser and the girls are grown up. It has an air of intrigue and mystery (along with a little supernatural flair). The team at Don’t Nod always deliver, making this a “can’t-miss” game.

4. Marvel’s Blade

This was one of the bigger surprises of the evening. After just recently getting Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2 out, and a Wolverine game by the same team on the way next year, it seemed unlikely we would get another Marvel superhero game so soon. Fortunately for us the team at Arkane Lyon is up to the task.

The creators of such highly acclaimed games as DeathLoop and Dishonored 2, they have a penchant for stealth-based first-person shooters, but Blade is ultimately set to be a third-person game. We look forward to seeing them do their thing and create an awesome Marvel project.

3. Zenless Zone Zero

The latest game in the Hoyoverse series of MMO RPGs is Zenless Zone Zero (more easily abbreviated as ZZZ) is finally coming in 2024. ZZZ sets itself apart thematically from the other Hoyoverse games by having a sort of urban/street punk vibe going on with its characters and environments.

A far cry from the more space sci-fi game: Honkai Star Rail, and the fantasy-based Genshin Impact. This looks exactly like my jam and I look forward to a precise release date sometime next year.

2. Monster Hunter Wilds

Capcom is back with a new entry in the beloved Monster Hunter franchise and it looks gorgeous! Taking full advantage of current gen hardware it appears that they are finally going full-open world with this one. The visuals look insane and it appears that many creatures will be able to be rendered on-screen at the same time.

We will be waiting a while though as it won’t come out until 2025 at the earliest. I loved Monster Hunter World and I can’t wait to go back and start mounting monsters with my longsword!

1. Jurassic Park Survival

Easily the big show stealer for many of us was Jurassic Park Survival. The trailer suggests it is a first-person stealth based game that follows a scientist left behind on Isla Nublar the day after the original movie ends. No release date yet but the trailer reveals it is headed to current generation consoles and PC. I’m just glad that for once we’re not getting another theme-park simulator/management game like we have recently.

The game is being developed by Saber interactive, a studio under the Embracer Group. More recent games developed by them include Quake: Champions and the World War Z game. They don’t have a particularly strong list of games, but they have made many and have been around for a long time, so here’s hoping they are able to nail this one.

Closing Thoughts

What did you think of our list? Glad to see certain games included? Upset that others were left out? Sound off in the comment section, we love reading them. Be sure to follow Geek News Now at our site as well as on our Facebook page here for more geeky coverage. As always, stay geeky out there everyone!

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