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We Break Down The Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer

Today was the day that Rockstar Games was finally supposed to reveal to the world the most hyped video game trailer of possibly all time, Grand Theft Auto 6! However a leaker (promoting crypto currency no less) beat them to the bunch by half a day early! In response the Twitter, I mean X, account for Rockstar Games merely tweeted in a sort of passive/defeatist tone:

“Our trailer has leaked so please watch the real thing on Youtube” along with an embedded youtube video of said trailer(check it out here).

To say the trailer has ignited a storm on social media would be an understatement. According to Discussing Film, the trailer is set to surpass the record for most views in a 24 hours period (the current record holder being BTS at 101 million). As of writing this, the trailer dropped four hours ago and is sitting at 28,634,350 views.

It could end up shattering that record if it stays steady at that rate! But here at Geek News Now we don’t just report the news, we break it down and find out what it means. So let’s analyze the trailer! (Using the official one from Rockstar Games Youtube channel)

Time Stamps

0:07 – Here we get our real first glimpse at our first major female protagonist in the series, Lucia. It’s hard to tell if her story starts off here in prison (judging by her orange jumpsuit) or if this could be a flashforward to what happens later.

0:19 – We see watercraft here in a swamp (no doubt alligator-infested) so it won’t just be the glitzy-glamorous backdrop of Vice City (based off of Miami) that we’ll be exploring. This was something that was missing in the original GTA Vice City so I am glad to see it here.

0:22 – Rockstar Games is rumored to be using a heavily advanced version of the Rage engine, the same engine/computer tools used to create Red Dead Redemption 2, their last game. And it looks stunning in this beach scene. We see multiple npcs milling around on a packed beach. This was impossible even a decade ago. Rockstar is ditching last gen hardware and focusing on the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X, no doubt putting that extra RAM to use in this scene.

Dense beaches are finally here.

0:27 – Could these lowriders be a sign of a return to the hydraulics mini-game from GTA San Andreas? The original Vice City had lowriders but it was the sequel (San Andreas) that really shone a spotlight on lowrider culture. We’ll have to wait and see.

0:39 – A latina woman in a bikini strikes a pose on a rooftop-luxurious pool. Could it be Lucia basking in the high-life later in the game, or before her imprisonment?

Lucia or another woman?


0:40 – And here we get the confirmation of the locale, a giant Hollywood-esque sign that reads “VICE” set against the orange evening skyline.

0:41 – 0:47GTA4 and GTA5 used social media in-game for a few side quests but the integration was extremely limited and streamlined. A decade since GTA5’s release and Tiktok and Instagram have all exploded, this is the result. In these six seconds we see various clips with a social media interface along with in-game comments. The fact that it shows up in this trailer suggests that social media will play a big factor in-game, possibly even the online multiplayer that the game will no doubt come with.

0:55 – Mud trucks, mud rallies, beer, and U.S flags show another side of Vice City. Perhaps there will be races with monster trucks or some kind of beer chugging contest similar to the drunkenness you can experience in GTA4?

1:04 – The Weazel News station makes a return, originally appearing in radio form in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty Stories (but also in GTA4 and 5).  Here they are reporting on a car accident in the TV clip. 

Weazel News continues being a Grand Theft Auto staple.


1:05 – Another news segment but this one reported completely in spanish. The headline roughly translates to “confession written in tattoo ink” showing an inmate covered with tattoos all over his face. I suppose this reflects the heavily Cuban and hispanic population of Vice City, along with Lucia being latina herself.

1:10 – Lucia is spinning out in a muscle car but more interesting to me is that there are two pawn shops in the background advertising gun sales. Ammunation has been the major chain of gun stores throughout the GTA franchise. Could they be ditching it for this entry? Will we be able to offload extra guns for cash? It’s just speculation for now.

1:17 – We see our two protagonists robbing a convenience store. We knew from reports a year ago that there would be a sort of Bonnie and Clyde thing going on with our protagonists and it will be really cool to see how that unfolds.

Closing Thoughts

What do YOU folks think about the trailer? Thought it was underwhelming? Thought it showed too much? Too much flash and no gameplay? Enjoyed our analysis? Sound off in the comment section! We always read your responses. I saw someone ask “Will Playstation get GTA6 early?” GTA6 is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series S/X in 2025, that’s all we know. For more coverage of all things geeky be sure to follow our Facebook page here. Until next time, stay geeky out there!

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