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Glitch Productions: A New Era For Indie Animation!

For far too long, Indie (Independent) Animation suffered from the effects of unpopularity. For example, corporations like Rooster Teeth and Disney constantly pumped out content, distracting the populace from small time creators. These companies would even declare a Free Use Clause, in order to seize any and all non-profit fan projects from talented individuals. In short, this meant people couldn’t even create a fan project without getting into a bind with a parent company!

Indeed, all seemed lost for so many unnamed artists and creative minds. But then, everything changed when a small Australian company appeared! With enough effort and elbow grease under their belts, brothers Kevin and Luke Lerdwichagul formed the Indie animation studio: Glitch Productions!

Glitchy Beginnings:

Kevin (Left) and Luke (Right) Lerdwichagul. Image from

It all began with a young man, a YouTube channel, and Super Mario. In May of 2011, Luke ran a channel titled SMG4 (Super Mario Glitchy 4), with the content surrounding various comedy skits of Nintendo characters- more specifically Mario. It wasn’t until around 2016 that Luke’s older brother, Kevin, realized the channel had potential to become a proper business. As a result, Kevin took over as full-time Writer and Producer of the channel’s series, and Luke took on the role of Director for the channel.

As of this December, SMG4 stands strong at a whopping 7.53 million subscribers on YouTube. Now, you’re probably wondering where the animation aspect fits in. Well, once the SMG4 channel truly popped off, the brothers announced a new channel for their Indie animation projects. And that channel is none other than Glitch!

Glitch; The Good Kind:

Official Glitch Productions logo. Image from

After the success of SMG4, Luke Lerdwichgal announced a branched company in 2017 dubbed Glitchy Boy. The purpose of this channel was to represent both SMG4 and other related channels. Shortly thereafter, that same channel- later renamed Glitch Productions– would go on to air the following series:

  1. Meta Runner An amnesiac woman named Tari awakens in an aboandoned lab, equipped with cyber enhancements. Finding herself in a future where video games have become the leading sport, she must find answers as to who she is and why she’s able to subconsciously enter video games.
  2. Sunset Paradise After a crazy adventure with the SMG4 cast, Meggy Spletzer attempts to enjoy a relaxing vacation in the tropical islands of Port Aurora. However, relaxation will have to wait when she uncovers a mysterious criminal ring. With help from local sherrif Auri Bori, Meggy must solve the mystery behind the islands secrets.
  3. Murder Drones Set in the distant future, humanity accidentally imploded the earth, driving them to near extinction. The surviving Worker Drones gained sentience and now live their own lives. Fearing for their safety, the survivng humans dispatch Disassembly Drones (Murder Drones) to hunt the remaining workers and kill them. Years following the war, surviving worker Uzi will stop at nothing to bring an end to the conflict once and for all. At least, that is until she meets a Disassembly Drone named N.
  4. Digital Circus Forced into a virtual reality world by a rogue AI named Cane, Pomni must now do what she can to survive this crazy new world. But, can she find a way out, or will her unresolved trauma be the death of her?

And these are just a few of the shows Glitch Productions created thus far. With Digital Circus and Murder Drones currently driving the popularity train, here’s to their successful future!

Where To Watch?

The official Glitch channel can be checked out here. Be sure to scope out their Library section so you can see the shows they produced. As for SMG4, the main channel responsible for their success, that can be viewed here. Trust me, it’s way funnier than it looks. I’ve been watching this channel and their shows for quite some time, so guaranteed they’re worth the watch.

If you have an opinion on Indie Animation, and have seen projects you liked, be sure to leave a comment down below telling us what you think. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page, as we keep our viewers up-to-date on the latest happenings. Don’t forget to checkout Glitch and their amazing animations. As always, Stay Geeky!

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