Genshin Impact 4.2: Guilty Until Proven Innocent!

Rejoice and behold, fellow travelers! After an undisclosed week-long hiatus, the Genshin Impact 4.2 Livestream finally aired. Hosted by Sarah Miller-Crews (Lumine), Amber Lee Connors (Furina), and Ray Chase (Neuvillette), the livestream introduced new content on the horizon. With new events, quests, and characters underway, we at Geek News Now will go over what we can expect from the Genshin Impact 4.2 Update.

Genshin Impact; Archon Questioned, Secrets Revealed!

Hydro Archon Furina. Image from eurogamer.net

After the events of 4.1, Fontanians are now questioning the Hydro Archon, due to her inability to protect humanity from the rising Primordial Sea. As a result, the Traveler and Paimon summoned Furina to trial, hoping to make her face her responsibilities. However, the Oratrice Mecanique declared the Hydro Archon guilty, sentencing her to death. Now the Traveler and Paimon must find a way to prevent Furina’s death, whilst also stopping Fontaine’s prophecy from becoming a reality.

Can our heroes save Fontaine and Furina? Or will the Primordial Sea destroy all in its path? Find out as we embark on the Genshin Impact Arcon Quest Act V, Chapter IV: Masquerade of the Guilty!

Lights, Kamera, Archon!

(L-R) Baizhu, Furina, Ayato, and Cyno. Image from beebom.com

Moving on from the main story quest, let’s discuss our favorite topic; Banners! With the release of Genshin Impact 4.2, we received a new banner run for the 5-star Sword-wielder Hydro Archon, Furina! Furina’s skill Salon Solitaire can summon Hydro Mimics, assisting her in combat and applying Hydro AOE to enemies based on her HP. However, much like Neuvillette and Wriothesley, this skill can drain Furina’s health. But don’t worry. If the skill has built up enough, a single charged attack can restore the HP lost.

Her Elemental Burst Let the People Rejoice creates a Hydro AOE damage field based on her max HP. In addition, when a party member’s HP changes this will create 1 Fanfare Point. In return, Furina will deal damage based on the amount of Fanfare the party earns. Essentially, she allows others to take the stage and increase her strength. Fontaine characters are weird when it comes to HP.

Steambird Reporter Charlotte. Image from dexerto.com

In addition to Furina’s release, we also received the chance to pull another Fontainian character, Steambird reporter Charlotte! Introduced back in Genshin Impact Version 3.7, the 4-star Cryo Catalyst user takes to the field with her specialized Kamera, seeking the truth that lies behind closed doors. Using her Elemental Skill Freeze Frame Composition, she can lock onto targets and mark them with a Cryo signature. This will gradually apply Cryo damage to opponents for a total of 15 seconds. Her Elemental Burst Comprehensive Confirmation creates a Paparazzi-like Cryo AOE field, healing all characters based on her ATK%, while dealing Cryo damage to opponents.

Furina and Charlotte will be available during the first phase of 4.2, alongside Bubu Pharmacy Director Baizhu. During the second phase, General Mahamatra Cyno and Kamisato Ayato will be available for wishing. Good luck on your pulls Travelers!

Thar She Blows! Sparring In Genshin Impacts Fierce Waters!

All-Devouring Narwhal. Image from realsport101.com

Residing deep within the Primordial Sea lies a massive sea beast. The All-Devouring Narwhal awaits challengers during the 4.2 Archon Quest. Using a wide variety of rippling Hydro attacks, the Narwhal can deal massive damage to the player if not dealt with accordingly. In addition, it starts with a ‘Fury Bar’ that builds over time. Once the Fury Bar is full, it will swallow the player and force them to fight a being known as The Shadow. Defeating this shadow will result in the Narwhal to become paralyzed, open for attacks. Use the oppurtunity to restore Elemental Burst Energy and attack the beast before it rises again.

Hydro Tulpa, preparing Hydro AOE attack. Image from thenerdstash.com

Our next boss is the The Hydro Tulpa, located deep within Fontaine’s Beryl Region. The Tulpa is capable of generating a wide arsenal of weapons from swords to lance’s, or hammers to spears. Whilst performing these attacks, small Half-Tulpas will appear to assist the Tulpa. When absorbed, the Half-Tulpas will give the Tulpa a massive boost in both Attack and Elemental Resistance. Your job is to defeat the Half-Tulpas before this happens.

Do you have what it takes to defeat these powerful new foes? Don’t worry if you can’t defeat the Narwhal on the first try. You’ll have the chance to lower the difficulty if it proves too much.

Thelxie’s Fantastic Adventures!

Cover page for Thelxie event. Image from pockettactics.com

Now on to the new events arriving to Genshin Impact 4.2! The first event is called Thelxie’s Fantastic Adventures. Thanks to Fontaine’s Fishing Association, the Traveler and Freminet are commissioned to investigate a mysterious rumor in Erinnyes Island about Water Imps spotted in the region. The event will be comprised of three stages:

  • Motherboard Troubleshooting: Guide the Meka Penquin, Thelxie, through a puzzle of circuitry in order to assist finding Water Imps.
  • Record of the search for Glory: Navigate through Fontaine’s waters to locate materials needed to improve Thelxie’s performance.
  • Purgation Counterstrike: Enter an arena match with the help of Thelxie, as you take on powerful opponents. Thelxie will provide various buffs in order to help players complete these challenges.

By completeing these challenges and earning enough criteria, players can receive a free Freminet, amongst other rewards.

Genshin Impact Funtastic Fiesta!

Cover page for Fungi event. Image from instagram.com

Our next event has us revisiting a familiar event. Lil’ Fungi’s Fun-tastic Fiesta has us reunite with our old Fungi pals from Sumeru. In the past prior event, players would use tamed Fungi to fight off Mechanici. However, things are a little different since this event will take place in Fontaine. This time, players will have to train Fungi to fight off a variety of monsters, with the help of Gels in order to perform strong attacks against opponents.

Furthermore, during the Genshin Impact 4.2 Livestream, Ray Chase mentioned that Hoyoverse developers were working hard in order to help optimize this event to eventually become a permanent minigame. However, due to the minigame having less than favorable mechanics, it’ll be some time before this becomes reality.

Take A Picture, It’ll Last Forever!

Event sets to unlock Zoom feature for Kamera. Image from game8.co

Our final event takes place on the streets of Fontaine’s Quartier Lyonnais. A local engineer seems to have trouble gathering data for her research. As such, she’s enlisted the help of the Adventurers Guild by having them go to various locations. Snag photographs of the neccessary locations, and earn yourself enough requirements to unlock a new Kamera feature: Zoom Lens. With this new mechanic, players can now take much more detailed photographs from a safe distance. Of course, you could do this with Charlotte’s skill, but it’s nice to know this will be added to the game as a new feature.

Even if players miss this event, they can still receive the Zoom lens as a participation reward.

And that’s everything arriving to Genshin Impact 4.2! With the new Archon Quest, events, and mechanics arriving to the game, players can continue looking forward to more rewards and adventures awaiting them in the future. But, tell us what you think. Which event are you excited for, or which character are you planning on pulling? Let us know in the comments below.

Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page, as we keep our fellow readers up-to-date on the latest happenings. May the wind lead you, fellow Travelers. And as always, Stay Geeky!

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