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Digimon Ghost Game = Digital Horror!

Digimon (Digital Monsters) has never been a stranger to dark themes. I mean, looking back at the original Adventure series the Dark Ocean was merely the tip of the iceberg. Even the Nintendo Switch game Digimon: Survive was unexpectedly horrifying with its multiple dark endings. Eventually, however, we got a true horror series that aired on Crunchyroll called Digimon Ghost Game.

The series followed the adventures of Hiro Amanokawa and his partner Digimon, Gammamon. Together they solve the mystery of why Digimon suddenly appeared in the real world and are attacking humans. However, most of these creatures that arrive from the Digital World have an unsettling thirst for human blood. Combining the elements of horror and mystery, Digimon Ghost Game explores the darker part of the Digital World, and the true dangers these monsters can have on modern society.

Today, we at Geek News Now will look at the top 5 horrifying Digimon in Ghost Game, and the insidious acts they committed. As a heads up, this article will contain subject matter involving gore, violence, and some scary elements. If you’re not comfortable with this, feel free to explore our more light-hearted Halloween articles here. With that out of the way, let’s get started!

Clockmon; Life-Steal Horror!

Clockmon appears in the real world. Image from

First up on our list is the Champion level Digimon, Clockmon. During the first episode of the series, Clockmon performed Chrono Breaker on humans, aging them rapidly. Additionally, its victims would succumb to malaise, failing to remember their attacker due to an excessive amount of fatique. What made Clockmon horrifying was his tendency to lurk in empty locations, waiting for his targets to be alone. If it wasn’t for the efforts of Gammamon and Hiro, who knows how many more victims he would have!

Chamblemon Loves Mushrooms

Chamblemonwork in groups to kidnap brides. Image from

Next on our list is another Champion level Digimon, Chamblemon. This mushroom-headed monster appears in the 48th episode of the series, infecting humans with spores that grow mushrooms on their bodies. However, Chamblemon only targeted brides on their wedding day, stating that mushrooms that grow from happy humans taste the best, and what better ones than brides on their wedding day. The brides are then kidnapped and brought deep into the forest, where they are treated as a mushroom farm.

To make the episode even more frightening, the mushrooms are practically stuck to the humans like glue. The Chamblemon don’t hold back either, as they seemingly tear the mushrooms clean off the bide’s bodies in order to eat them. The scene where the Chamblemon consume the mushrooms becomes even darker when all that’s heard is the sound of tearing and the women screaming in sheer pain. Talk about next level body horror! Speaking of, our next Digimon actually is the embodiment of body horror.

Eye See You!

Eyesmon ultimate form after obtaining power. Image from

Introduced back in Digimon Adventure 2020, Eyesmon was the main antagonist of the series. However in Digimon Ghost Game, the sinister Virus Digimon now takes on a new and horrifying role. Eyesmon lurks in the shadows of people that obsessively seek information. In addition, it stalks its prey until an oppurtunity arises and snatches their eyeballs (graphic scene warning!), replacing them with two of its own, unbeknownst to the host. Think Marvel’s Venom, but it slowly kills them.

In GG Episode 43, a character named Emma Hanes is visiting overseas from America. As she observes some of Japan’s restrooms, she is attacked by Eyesmon but seems unaware of what really happened. However as time pressed on, more eyes started to appear all over Emma’s body the more nosier she becomes. Thankfully, Emma was saved with the help of Hiro and his allies, freeing her and other people around Japan from the Digimon’s curse.

Although it seemed to be the end of Eyesmon, it was still frightening to think about a Digimon that can infect and kill you.

Archnemon Seeks Power:

Archnemon stalks people for brains. Image from

In another horror-esque Digimon Ghost Game episode, this series brings back Archnemon. Previously introduced in the 02 Series, Archnemon was simply a minion for MaloMyotismon. This time, however, the Arachnid Digimon took up residence in an abandoned mall, stalking and killing any human that entered her lair. Furthermore, due to her increased strength, she was able to obtain a human form in order to lure humans, and have Dokugumon- another arachnid Digimon- entrap them.

Though Archnemon targeted Gammamon due to its unique evolution technique, she was quickly defeated by its Dark Digivolution, GulusGammamon. The reason Archnemon made it to this listing wasn’t for her being a spider. Rather, this was because in her debut episode she devoured the brains of humans in order to obtain more power. Imagine a car-sized Digimon waiting to eat your brains. Talk about creepy!

GulusGammamon, The True Digital Horror!

Gammamon Dark Digivolves. Image from

Our final entry on this list is the main star of the show, Gammamon. Why, you may ask? Gammamon, under severely stressful situations, has the ability to Dark Digivolve into GulusGammamon. This Dark Champion doesn’t care who it fights, enemy or ally. To make matters worse, once it gets ahold of its target, Gulus won’t stop until the enemy is dead. Even though we’ve seen Dark Digivolution occur in prior series before, nothing could compare to the brutality of GulusGammamon.

It’s made even worse when it’s discovered in GG Episode 66 that GulusGammamon planned to destroy both worlds with an army of infected Digimon. With the addition of using his tamer, Hiro, as a source to achieve mega evolution, GulusGammamon was definitely not what you call a very friendly Digimon.

Happy Halloween!

And that’s it for the top 5 scariest Digimon from Digimon Ghost Game! If you’ve watched this series on Crunchyroll or watched Digimon in general, let us know what you think the scariest moment from the franchise is. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page as we keep our viewers up-to-date on the latest happenings.

Happy Halloween, Tamers! And remember, Stay Spooky!

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