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Invincible Can Fix the Only Mistake of Season One

It’s almost time to return to the world of Amazon Prime Invincible. Written by Robert Kirkman  the show will be coming back for a second season in November. With that comes the hope to fix its only problem…that being the character of Amber and doing more with the character of Atom Eve. Michael McClenithan  said hes ‘Holding judgement for now. I never go in with an expectation, that way I’m delighted or disappointed @ that moment.’

Amber on the left and atom eve on the right

Amber was poorly written and a toxic character overall.  She wasn’t meant to be toxic but a few writing choices and wanting to be more independent then the comic book version led to her being so unlikable because of her toxic moments. This wasn’t the intention but what if it was? In an effort to make her more of her own person then in the comics they made her super unlikable.

The two biggest examples of this are first after the main character mark, her boyfriend didn’t show up to a soup kitchen date  but later reveals he was in the hospital after a car accident she doesn’t ask if he’s ok but yells at him and breaks up with him. He was really getting beaten half to death by a beast man with the voice of Michael Dorn best known for Worf in “Star Trek”.

The second incident that makes her why more toxic is after taking Mark back they go on a trip together to a friend’s college campus but Mark has to leave after they are attacked by a robot and saves everyone lives. When he returns he says he went to get help which would be perfectly reasonable. she gets mad calling him a lying piece of shit and leaves later almost sleeping with some guy only not doing so because he rejects her. The next episode only a day later mark decides to tell her he is invincible only for her to say she knew for months which means she got mad the day before knowing he saved her life.

Her toxic behavior isn’t called out by marks friends. The Internet had a field day with that with articles and videos coming out everywhere at the time. How can the second season fix this? I say by leaning in to it. Small spoiler here, Amber doesn’t end up with mark in the end of the comics . The superhero from earlier in the show Atom eve does. Atom eve was into Mark earlier and is shown to care about him. She’s a superhero in the story that went to the same school as mark and just had a special about her back story.

Poster for the atom eve special on Amazon prime

What I want to see is Amber be more and more toxic with Mark being trapped in the relationship because he’s young and has trauma. She can’t be physically abusive because Mark is too strong but emotional abuse is on the table. Have her control him and show how bad a relationship like that can be. Have Eve see how bad it gets and become the one that steps in. Show Mark not see how toxic she is till eve steps in. This would be a good way of showing why people in abusive relationships don’t just leave right away.

He can then break up with her or Eve makes Amber stop or leave. This then leading to Eve and Mark getting together. I don’t know what happens in the comics after like how they really get together but the show has already made changes with Amber’s whole character being one so this could be a good idea. Have something happen to her because as we all know when a hated character gets there it’s always a great moment like Joffrey from “Game of Thrones”. This would make everything from season one be a plot point rather than poor writing. For more like this please hop over to the geek news now home page.


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