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Everything About The Future of Doctor Who

With the end of the Chris Chibnall era of Doctor Who, we look forward to what is to come from this long-running award winning show which won (to date) a whopping 40 awards between the BAFTA and Hugo awards among others. The whole Chibnall era of Doctor Who has been very disliked because of bad writing. One fan, Robb Miller, lamented the poor writing for actress Jodie Whitaker.

We said goodbye to Jodie as the 13th Doctor as well as companions Yaz and Dan and hello to the 14th and surprisingly 15th doctors. At the end of Power of the Doctor Jodie regenerated but surprising us when the actor who was announced only a few months ago wasn’t the face we saw. Instead the rumors going around for the past few years were confirmed.

David Tennant will return as The Doctor. Image from the BBC.

David Tennant will return for the upcoming special. He was the 10th Doctor, one of the most remembered Doctors of new Who (starting in 2005) holding the title from season two through four and will be returning for the 60th anniversary.  It seems he’s only returning for the 60th specials which will be not just one but three episodes. However, he isn’t the only one returning so far.

Russell T. Davies also returns as head showrunner. Davies brought Doctor Who back after the long hiatus in 2005 and led the show for four seasons as well as the Tennant specials. Steven Moffat took the job afterwards and will also be returning to write more than one episode. one fan named Alex Reid said I’d like to think that, with RTD in charge, Torchwood could make a return too.

We also know Catherine Tate, aka Donna Noble, will also return for the special. How involved she will be is unknown but she is in a good amount of the trailers. Her mother Sylvia Noble played by Jacqueline King and Granddad Wilfred, played by Bernard Cribbins will also be back. This will be Bernard Cribbins last showing as the actor passed away recently.

Donna will also have a daughter named Rose played by Yasmin Finniey. It was believed she was the new companion but it seems she will only be around for the specials.

Nell Patrick Harris will also be in the specials as the Celestial Toy Maker which was confirmed in the more recent full trailer. A small spoiler for those who don’t read the old comics, in the trailers we also see a small cute alien called Meep the Beep. Miriam Margolyes joins the cast of the doctor Who 60th anniversary specials as the voice of the Meep the beep. This little baby Yoda looking guy is more than he appears to be. In that more recent trailer we also get confirmation Kate Stewart and unit will be apart of the special As shown in the link trailer below.

Not long ago we got the titles for all three specials. The first will be the Star Beast which will air sometime in November with Wild Blue Yonder and The Giggle to be released sometime after. the novelization of all three to be released in January and the dates for the episodes are November 25, December 2nd and December 9th.

Murray Gold  will be returning to do the music after leaving when Moffat did. Gold composed much of the best music of new who and has been missed. The 15th Doctor will be played by Ncuti Gatwa best known for his supporting role in Sex Education and now Barbie which he shot at the same time as the next season of doctor who. His companion will be Ruby Sunday played by Millie Gibson, Millie is a young new actress. Ryan gosling has also been cast in an unknown role.

New doctor with old.

There is also a planned spin off around U.N.I.T which will bring back Kate Stewart and is rumored to have returning companions like Martha Jones. One of the biggest things to come out has been the streaming rights being bought by Disney.

With the first special Disney Plus will be the new home for Doctor who outside of the UK. This doesn’t mean Disney has any control over Doctor Who. It only means a bigger budget. There’s no word yet on the back log of doctor who episodes. All this comes from the BBC and Doctor Who Twitter  as well as what culture All in all we can be optimistic about the future of Doctor Who. If you liked this then hop over the the geek news now home page for more.

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