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Star Wars

Ben Solo to Kylo Ren and Back Again: Patricide, Redemption, and Legacy

Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren and Ben Solo from

What lines should not be crossed in a quest for power and control over oneself and destiny?

In the tapestry of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, Ben Solo’s transformation into Kylo Ren stands out as one of the most riveting arcs. Born into a legacy and grappling with the weight of expectation, his psyche became a battleground for competing dynasties. This internal tug-of-war would lead to one of the most psychologically impactful acts: patricide.

The Weight of Patricide and Matricide in History

History has consistently viewed matricide and patricide, the acts of killing one’s mother or father, as some of the gravest sins. Such actions are not mere results of a single moment of anger but symbolize a profound internal conflict, often rooted in a desire to break free from familial chains and expectations.  These feelings stir and seethe, slowly festering deep within the soul.

Kylo Ren and Nero

Nero Ordering the Murder of His Mother by N. Coypel

Historically, certain figures like Nero, the infamous Roman Emperor, significantly resonate with this theme. Initially, he is believed to have orchestrated his mother’s assassination as a monumental act of separation. This event was less about the literal act of murder and more about Nero’s fervent quest to liberate himself from the overarching control of his mother, aiming to carve out his own destiny. However, such tumultuous acts often bring about a paradoxical outcome, ushering in phases of intensified torment marked by the looming shadows of unresolved emotions and penetrating guilt.

Ben Solo becomes Kylo Ren after the Act of Patricide

Ben Solo’s decision to kill Han Solo, his father, was, in essence, Kylo Ren’s desperate attempt to sever ties with his past and fully embrace the dark side. Yet, in doing so, he only further entangled himself in a web of remorse and identity crisis. He learned from his subsequent guilt that forging true identity goes beyond mere rejection or destruction; it involves introspection and reconciliation.

Han Solo and Kylo Ren

Han and Kylo From The Journal of the Star Wars

When faced with extreme acts of guilt, the human psyche often seeks redemption. This isn’t just about seeking forgiveness from others but is deeply rooted in the need to forgive oneself. Throughout literature and historical narratives, characters who’ve committed heinous acts frequently embark on quests for redemption.

The Redemption of Ben Solo

King David of biblical narratives sought redemption through penance after his misdeeds involving Bathsheba and Uriah. Lady Macbeth consumes herself with guilt in Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth,’ after she spurs her husband to commit murder. Her infamous hand-washing scene symbolized her desperate but futile attempt at self-redemption.

Ben Solo Forgiveness

Han and Ben from

Kylo Ren’s exchanges with Rey reveal his internal struggle. His reluctance to harm Leia underscores his quest for redemption. His soul, torn between light and dark, silently cries for atonement. Ultimately, his mental journey and love for Rey created a moment of clarity.

The Dichotomy of Ben Solo

Kylo Ren’s journey exemplifies the struggle with identity, legacy, and guilt. It’s a testament that merely burying or destroying parts of oneself isn’t the path to true self-realization. Instead, the road requires understanding, reconciliation, and, if needed, redemption.

The essence remains the same in a galaxy far, far away, or the annals of our history: the battles we fight within often cast the longest shadows, shaping our destiny and core. Ben Solo’s tumultuous journey reminds us that redemption is not merely a narrative trope but a deep human instinct that always seeks the light, even if dimly at times.

Rey and Ben Solo

Rey and Ben from

In a heart-wrenching “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” scene, the troubled villain Kylo Ren murders his father, Han Solo. This traumatic act of patricide leaves lasting scars on Ren’s psyche that echo real-world cases. What drives someone to violate this supreme bond? And can redemption ever heal such wounds? Kylo Ren’s story provides lessons on intergenerational trauma, the lure of power, and the hope of salvation.

Explore the shadows and lights of your legacy. How do your internal conflicts shape your identity and destiny? Join the conversation and leave a comment below.  Share your thoughts on the quest for power, redemption, and the lines that should not be crossed!


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