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Star Wars

Baylan Skoll – The Quest of a Fallen Jedi

Baylan Fallen Jedi
Baylan Skol and Shin Hati, Sark Side Force Wielders. From:

“The show should be called “Baylan Skoll” instead of “Ahsoka.”

Episode 6 treated fans to Ahsoka having storytime offscreen with Huyang in the belly of a space whale.  Enter Baylan Skoll, ready to assume the lead role in this ongoing space opera.  He is an intriguing remnant of the fallen Jedi Order in a galaxy with few Force users remaining.

Once a dedicated Jedi Knight, Skoll now charts his path unconstrained by the Order’s mandates. Alongside his fierce apprentice, Shin Hati, Baylan employs his formidable powers to pursue arcane knowledge and influence most can only dream of. Yet glimmers of his past still shine through this morally complex wanderer.

From Jedi Knight to Disillusioned Wanderer

Baylan trained under the Jedi Order in an age long passed, eventually attaining the respected rank of Jedi Knight. Records suggest he served with distinction in the Clone Wars as a General. But after the Order’s destruction, like all survivors, Skoll was forced to forge a new identity from the ashes. Gone was the life of discipline and service; Skoll would no longer bow to flawed masters again.

Fallen Jedi

Fallen Jedi and Republic General. From

In the subsequent years, Baylan’s disillusioned wanderings through the underworld of smugglers and bounty hunters likely honed his pragmatic, survival-focused philosophy. The Code’s strictures slowly eroded, placing knowledge and power above compassion or restraint.

Yet, unlike the destructive Sith, Skoll retains his reasoned outlook, seeking lore and influence rather than mere conquest. The Force continues to remain balanced as Baylan counters Ahsoka’s rise.  Baylan is inevitably the antithesis of Ahsoka.  James Martin commented on this idea with Ahsoka and Baylan: “I feel like he complements Asoka’s character very well. Both are not drawn to the ideologies of Jedi or Sith, but one gravitates towards the light, while the other gravitates towards the dark.”

Jedi Veteran, Deadly Apprentice

Shin Hati’s fierce ambition and burgeoning power prove she is a fitting heir to her Master’s legacy. Though young, Hati swiftly bested the Mando/Jedi-trainee Sabine Wren in combat. Her relentless Force abilities were on display when she stormed the henge of Seatos. Sending this prodigy to retrieve the ancient star map was a test she passed with lethal precision.

Jedi in training against Shin

Jedi-in-training Sabine faces off against Shin. From:

Together, the Master and apprentice possess an array of awe-inspiring talents. As a Jedi veteran, Baylan’s mastery of the Force and lightsaber forms is profound—his raw power and lightsaber skills rival many we know, backed by decades of experience.  Hati, too, displays gifts exceeding most Force adepts her age. But Baylan tempers her impulsive fierceness with perspective earned through years of study and survival.

Motivations Beyond Jedi or Sith

Much mystery still swirls around Skoll’s new path and motivations. Reclaiming the star map was one step in a more extraordinary design known only to Baylan. His power is undeniable – this enigmatic Force wielder will attain his goals, whatever they may be.  Andy Spense spoke to this on Facebook, “He carries himself with dignity and purpose. An absolute beast with his sabre!” I couldn’t agree more.

Baylan has bigger plans

Baylan and Shin on Seatos. From:

If his ambitions unfold unchecked, Skoll may one day stand amongst Vader or Sidious as a being of unseen influence and mastery over arcana, possibly eclipsing even the Force. For now, Baylan keeps his actual goals veiled. But the extent of knowledge and artifacts he seeks could place him beyond the reach of fledgling Jedi.

Questions Unanswered

This glimpse into his past and present reveals an intriguing figure balancing ruthless pragmatism with tempered wisdom. Baylan Skoll remains an errant wanderer, neither Sith nor Jedi, driven by his quest into shadowy frontiers of lore. As the galaxy rebuilds, can any aspiring Force users match the experiences and capabilities of this hardened survivor? Only time will unveil the extent of the power rising from forgotten ashes.

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