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Genshin Impact 4.1; Enter The Gulag!

On September 15th, Hoyoverse CEO Dawei hosted the Genshin Impact 4.1 Special Program, in celebration of the game’s 3rd anniversary. Continuing our adventure in Fontaine, new archon quests will become available, including some fun events starring old friends from Mondstadt and Liyue.

With much to discuss, join Geek News Now as we go over everything Version 4.1 has to offer, as well as the exciting new banners set to arrive September 27th.

Arlecchino And The Prisoner of Meropide;

Arlecchino (Center), introduced in Version 4.0 trailer. Image from

To start things off, let’s recap where we left off, and what we can expect in 4.1. After clearing Lyney and Lynette of charges involving a mysterious missing persons case in Genhsin Impact; As Light Rain Falls Without Reason, Honorable Judge Neuvilette arrested Childe, following a guilty verdict in the Opera House. Later arriving at his office, we are greeted by Fatui Harbinger Arlecchino, who requests the Traveler investigate another missing persons case within the Fortress of Meropide. Despite our suspicions toward the Harbinger, we agree for the sake of Childe’s safety in mind. In order to sneak in, the Traveler and Paimon are placed under arrest for ‘suspicious activity’.

Our mission, according to Neuvilette, is to investigate why Fontaine’s best informants have gone missing after infiltrating the prison. However, there seems to be more to the story as we get closer to solving the hidden meaning behind the Hydro nation’s connection to the Primordial Sea. Furthermore, Fontaine residents have turned on the Melusine. What could this all mean? And will the Traveler be successful in his mission, or will all of Fontaine be in severe conflict within its walls?

Genshin Impact: Judgement Be Upon You!

Wriothesley and Neuvilette set for 4.1 banner runs. Image from

With the release of Version 4.1, two new characters will be available for wishing. In the first phase, the newly added 5-star Hydro Catalyst wielder Neuvilette will run alongside Hu Tao’s rerun banner. Neuvilette is able to unleash a massive pulse of water at opponents, but at the cost of some HP. However, upon using his Elemental Burst, Sourcewater Droplets will appear to assist with his charged attack. The popped droplets will not only reduce the charge time for Neuvilette, but also restore his health in the process. Time this well, and you’re looking at a powerful Hydro DPS character.

In the second phase of 4.1, Cryo Catalyst wielder Wriothesley will run alongside Anemo Archon Venti’s rerun banner. Wriothesley’s Elemental Skill increases his attack power, but will also drain his HP. But don’t worry. With help from his Elemental Skill, his charged attack power increases the more HP he lost, and in return will regain health upon each successful charged strike. Think Cryo Dehya, but with a Catalyst.

I find it funny that both these new characters have recoil damage, but can recover it using their skills. And the fact that we got Zhongli for 4.0 and Venti for 4.1 really makes this update special.

To Poet Or Not To Poet:

Master the art of poetry with Hu Tao and Venti. Image from

Moving on to the events, our first event for Genshin Impact Version 4.1, Waterborne Poetry, will reunite us with Venti and Hu Tao, as the Washeng Funeral Director aims to be a master of poetry. The quest will be divided into three unique challenges for players to complete:

  • Hundred-Pace Hurling Rites: A pot-smashing challenge. The higher you score, the higher your reward. Definitely gives me Legend of Zelda vibes.
  • Inspiration Eruption: Take on fierce opponents affected by a special condition known as Mythic Nexus. Although this’ll make combat a lot tougher, you can use special gems called Inspiring Crystals to create an AOE shockwave, dealing massive damage to opponents.
  • Mending Painting Prospects: Distorted images created by an Art Conservator are in desperate need of repair. Visit various locations between Mondstadt and Liyue in order to repair and complete these pictures.

Upon completeing these three main events, accumulated points, dubbed Poetry Gala Fervor, will reward Travelers with the new 4-Star Catalyst weapon Ballad of the Boundless Blue.

Genshin Impact’s Fish Blasting Invasive Bogaloo:

Help Klee fend off invasive fish. Image from

While playing at Cider Lake, Spark Knight Klee has discovered an invasive species of fish from the continent of Sumeru, disrupting the ecosystem of Mondstadt. In order to avoid causing chaos, Grandmaster Jean has given Klee a fun new game to play that benefits all parties. In Dodoco’s Bomb-Tastic Adventure, Travelers are tasked with using Klee’s Dodoco bombs to eradicate invading fish. Of course, this will all be displayed as a board game, so no fish were harmed in the making of this trial.

Help recover escaped Jellyfish. Image from

However, Mondstadt isn’t the only location dealing with invasive species. Back in Fontaine, an anxious merchant named Kesean has requested assistance in dealing with Violetglow Jellyfish that have escaped the confines of a researchers laboratory.

Your task is to seek out these Jellyfish and contain them before they can cause damage to Fontaines waters.

With so many invasive species appearing in different parts of Teyvat, I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing some of Fontaines birds appear in Mondstadt.

When Can We Start Playing?

The Genshin Impact 4.1 update is set to launch on September 27th. So, be sure to expect a major update to occur when you go and log in that day. In addition to new features added to the game, and so many events to partake in, Genshin Impacts 3rd anniversary is looking to be very exciting this year.

But, let us know what you think in the comments below. Are you excited for the upcoming upodate? Which character are you going to try and pull for? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page, as we keep our viewers up-to-date on the latest happenings.

As always, Stay Geeky!

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