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Star Wars

Long Lost X-Wing Model Ready For Auction!

(X-Wing) Red Leader’s wallet, standing by!

A model X-Wing used for the climactic trench run of Star Wars: A New Hope has resurfaced and will go to auction next month! It is expected to start at $400,000 and is likely to go up from there. Having been lost to time, the model recently showed up in the estate of Greg Jein, a long time film model-maker, who passed away just last year. 

The Hollywood Reporter says more about it: 

“Built by Industrial Light & Magic for Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, the “Red Leader” (Red One) X-wing is one of just four “hero” filming miniatures with articulating servo-controlled wings and lights, according to the auction description. Hero models were built for close-ups and used in the final battle, including the trench run.”

Gene Kozicki, a historian and expert of film VFX, assisted Jein’s family with cataloging and documenting his possessions under the estate. Concerning the whereabouts of the model and how it came to be in his possession, Kozicki told The Hollywood Reporter

We don’t exactly know the circumstances by which he came into possession of this model. And as an active collector/trader, he also obtained items simply because he figured that he could trade them for something more in line with what he wanted for himself. Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Star Wars were being made at roughly the same time, and with an overlapping group of people. And at that time no one, not even Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, could anticipate the impact these films would have on the industry or cultural zeitgeist.”

The forementioned X-Wing model expected to go to auction with an opening bid of $400,000. Image from

Would You Buy It If You Could?

We took to our fan pages to see what fan response would be to that sticker shock price. Brian Leger over on the “Star Wars: Geeks Of The World Unite!” fan page said this in response to the $400,00 opening bid 

Some people spend more on a watch, or some limited sports card. I’d rather have this.”

On the other hand, on the GNN Greats page, Brady Love replied: 

“Nope, we wouldn’t be talking about that purchase.”

Whether he means that he wouldn’t buy it or would buy it but keep it secret is a bit unclear. Personally I wouldn’t do it either. Star Wars is very important to me and meaningful, but I can buy so many Gundam model kits (Gunpla) over just one X-Wing. But then again I am a different kind of model builder. If the $400,000 is too much for you to stomach than maybe the Death Star Turbo Laser Cannon might be more budget friendly. That is also supposed to go up for auction and at a more reasonable $3,000 opening bid.

A Boba Fett model kit I bought. I am about halfway done with it. Bought it at Hobby Lobby for 40% off.

Speaking of Gunpla, for those of you who are interested in Star Wars model kits I recommend Bandai’s line of Star Wars 1:12  kits. They currently have Boba Fett, Din Djarin, R2-D2, etc. They’re pretty well made and don’t feel cheap, even after you build them.

Closing Thoughts

Would YOU buy this kit if you were that financially well off? What would be your realistic max bid? Would you rather just have the money? Comment down below! We enjoy reading your comments and responding. If you got the money bags then you should know the auction is to go down October 14th-15th through Heritage Auctions. More info on their website here.

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