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Pokemon We Would Love To Eat!

In the Pokemon universe everything revolves around those pocket creatures. Every facet of human life is connected in some way to Pokemon whether it is sports mascots or even as assistants in healthcare. Oddly enough the biggest omission from Pokemon isn’t the lack of cohesive nations, but that there are absolutely no animals, at least not animals in the traditional sense. We never see them in the games or the anime. Thus we were forced with a realization…people eat Pokemon!

Which, now, begs the question: “Which Pokemon are eaten?” The Pokemon games have alluded to this in the past. In “Pokemon Gold and Silver” one of the conflicts involves Team Rocket cutting off Slowpoke tails because they are a delicacy. In the Anime, James of Team Rocket envisions various dishes made of Magikarp. We asked our community across various Facebook pages what their top picks would be!


The king crab himself, Kingler.

Brian Cunnigham, over on our GNN Greats group, simply said one word: Kingler. A formidable Water-type Pokémon, Kingler possesses qualities that could make it a delicious meal. Its massive pincers contain succulent meat, reminiscent of crab or lobster, with a rich, sweet flavor. Moreover, its distinctive appearance and rarity make it an intriguing culinary experience.

When expertly prepared, Kingler’s meat can be served in various dishes like crab cakes, bisque, or buttery garlic saut√©s.¬† Personally I would serve them crab legs style with a massive hammer. A Kingler meal sounds like it would make for a hearty and claw-some experience, seafood is truly king!



Chocolate covered Caterpie was the suggestion made by Ryan Cochran on GNN Greats. Caterpie, the tiny Bug-type Pokémon, might seem an unusual choice, but its soft, delicate body could become a unique and chocolatey treat. Imagine a fusion of silky chocolate and a light, crispy Caterpie texture.

Its small size allows for bite-sized morsels perfect for dipping in chocolate fondue or encasing in a crunchy chocolate shell. Honestly I dig it. Reminds me of choclate-covered crickets in real life, which isn’t that strange. I would be down to try it.



One of our friends within the GNN community and frequent guest on our own Geek Gauntlet, Jenae Elix, suggested “Why not just eat the ice cream pokemon?” Most likely referring to the Vanillite line of Pokemon. Vanilluxe, the fully evolved form of Vanillite, is one of my favroite Poekmon of all. Vanilluxe, the Ice-type Pok√©mon resembling an ice cream cone, might tempt taste buds as a whimsical dessert.

Its icy body, composed of snow and frost, could be transformed into a delightful, refreshing gelato. Vanilluxe’s icy essence would infuse the dessert with a unique, cooling sensation, making it a perfect summer treat. I would cover it with a flavorful syrup like pineapple or blue bubblegum, just allow it to soak up flavor before digging in.


Ash and Brock imagining a Magikarp dish.

Magikarp, often dismissed as the weakest Pokémon, has untapped culinary potential. Its tender, flaky flesh can be transformed into a delightful delicacy when prepared skillfully. We have seen depictions of this in the anime where it has been shown and even referred to as a delicacy.

Chefs could elevate its flavor with creative seasonings, perhaps turning it into delicious fish tacos or sushi rolls. I personally love to use lemon pepper or other citrus seasonings on my fish. Maybe even do beer-battered Magikarp tacos. Just got to eat it before it evolves into a ferocious Gyarados and it decides to eat you!


The cow-esque Pokemon, Miltank.

Yes, after getting my butt handed to me by Whitney’s Miltank in “Pokemon Gold and Silver” all these years I want revenge, what of it? Miltank is known throughout the Pokemon world for it’s delicious and nutritious milk. So you don’t necessarily have to eat the Pokemon itself. You could make some ice cream, custard, cheeses, and even butter. In fact I bet the butter from Miltank must be extra fatty and amazing.

But, if you wanted to,¬† Miltank would have some delicious meat! The well-marbled, lean cuts can be prepared into succulent steaks, hearty stews, or gourmet burgers. Miltank’s meat offers a unique fusion of tenderness and flavor that can satisfy carnivores and food enthusiasts alike, proving that Miltank is more than just a dairy queen! That’s my carnivore-tastic take!


The scrumptious Appletun.

The Pokemon Appletun would undoubtedly make a mouthwatering meal for several reasons. First, its apple-like appearance suggests a natural sweetness, making it an ideal ingredient for both sweet and savory dishes. Its green, scaly skin and plump, juicy flesh would provide a delightful contrast in texture. Furthermore, Appletun’s unique dragon and grass typing adds an intriguing depth of flavor to the dish, combining elements of earthiness and spiciness.

Its dragon breath could impart a subtle spice, enhancing the culinary experience. Lastly, it is essentially a walking applepie that happens to be a dragon. Enough said.

Closing Thoughts

With over a thousand unique Pokemon there is something out there for everyone. You could want to eat a Gardevior but I would certainly be judging you for that one. What do you guys think about our choices? Would you eat those Pokemon? Or maybe you would add something different to the menu?

Let us know and post your thoughts in the comment section. I would love to read them! Be sure to follow Geek News Now for more geek culture news, opinions, reviews, and general takes! Also follow us on Facebook here. As always, stay geeky out there everyone!

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