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Sith Happens! An Interview With “The Sith Dominion” Podcast Host!

The Sith side of things promises much in the way of power, getting what you want, and even cookies…or so it’s been said. So what do you get when a real-world Doctor of Organizational Leadership decides to take many a close look at the Sith for a weekly podcast on Geek News Now?

You tune in, of course.

Dr. Dana Martin obligingly gave an interview about his podcast The Sith Dominion and shared his insights on why these usual bad guys are worth a study into their very foundations to better understand their structure, hierarchy, and methods which often apply in the everyday world.

What’s It All About?

1. What is The Sith Dominion about, in your words? How does your being a Doctor of Organizational Leadership apply to its information presented?

Sith of all kinds! Darths Sidious, Tyranus, Revan, Maul, and Vader! Picture credit to

MARTIN: In The Sith Dominion podcast, I aim to provide an in-depth look at the Star Wars Sith’s lore, leadership, and legacy. As a Doctor of Organizational Leadership, I analyze their power dynamics, influence strategies, and organizational leadership, examining their decision-making and leadership styles. I work to draw parallels to real-world scenarios like Netflix moving into streaming from hard media or Steve Jobs and the cult like following he made with Apple, creating an engaging blend of fan culture and academic insight into the complexities of the Sith.

2. With a name like The Sith Dominion, it’s clear that your podcast gives the spotlight to the Sith side of Star Wars. Why do you prefer to cover this as opposed to any other Star Wars topic like, say, the Jedi?

MARTIN: In The Sith Dominion, I emphasize the Sith perspective to explore their intricate power dynamics, ambition, conflict, and transformation. Unlike the unified Jedi philosophy, the Sith showcases diverse motivations, strategies, and internal struggles. Their narratives resonate through themes of ambition, betrayal, resilience, and redemption.

Within Darth Vader raged much conflict; but what was his over all desire if not to save his loved ones? Picture credit to

MARTIN (cont.): Understanding what drives one to the Dark Side offers valuable information to realize the effects of our decision-making, both internally and to those around us. From a leadership perspective, the Sith provide examples to analyze their dynamics, styles, and decision-making. This offers insights into real-world scenarios and hopefully a compelling exploration of character, leadership, and power.

Sith Gets Complicated

3. Who is your absolute favorite Sith/dark side character and why?

MARTIN: Darth Vader. He is multi-dimensional, passionate, dedicated, and a phenomenal leader. Darth Vaderā€™s inner conflict between the light and dark side, particularly surrounding his bond with Luke, makes him one of Star Wars‘ most morally complex characters. I can relate to much of Vader’s journey, metaphorically speaking, to my journey as a husband, father, leader, etc.

Darth Vader in all his Sith glory! Picture credit to

4. If you could have ANY Sith/dark side character on The Sith Dominion for an interview or discussion, who would it be and what do you think would happen?

MARTIN: Given the complexity of his character, Darth Vader. In a perfect world, we could dive into Vader’s reflections on his fall, his dynamic with Palpatine, and conflicted feelings about family, especially Luke. But what would really happen? I might get part one of my three part question out of my mouth before I was being force choked.

5. What would you say to a potential listener who prefers the Jedi side of things in order to pique their interest The Sith Dominion?

Dark Side cookies and Light Side blue milk = “balance”? Picture credit to

MARTIN: The light side and the Jedi are only part of an existence. On the dark side, we have cookies. And the light side has blue milk. The perfect snack is not just a cookie or a glass of milk, but a new snack made from two, giving us a cool, milky, crunchy cookie. But seriously, diving into the Sith offers insight into the appeal of the dark side, challenges preconceptions, and builds empathy for their viewpoint. There is no light without darkness, as we all cast shadows.

Looking Forward And Looking Back

6. You’ve done episodes on Asajj Ventress, Darths Maul and Bane, Count Dooku, and the Witches of Dathomir… What Sith subject is next for The Sith Dominion and why? Also, what has been your favorite Sith topic of discussion so far?

MARTIN: In our next Sith Dominion episode, we’ll explore Darth Sion in the Old Republic era. With profound scars, physically and emotionally, his relationship with pain and immortality provides an intense examination of resilience, willpower, and the lengths one will go to for power.

Darth Sion and Asajj Ventress rock the Dark Side! Pictures credit to and

MARTIN (cont.): Asajj Ventress stands out so far. Her evolution from Sith apprentice to independent bounty hunter showcases the complexities of the Dark Side. Discussing her path in the context of leadership and decision-making proved enlightening. Ventress epitomizes that the Dark Side is not black and white.

Getting Spe-Sith-ic With Dr. Martin

7. With such other Geek News Now podcasts as Cantina Happy Hour (another Star Wars podcast), MCU Mondays, and Captains’ Logs and Lightsabers, what do you feel makes The Sith Dominion truly stand out among them? What do you think people will come to listen for?

MARTIN: The Sith Dominion carves a distinct niche within Geek News Now by diving deep into the Dark Side’s philosophy, leadership, and dynamics. While other shows discuss broad Star Wars topics or other universes, such as MCU, we focus specifically on analyzing the Sith – their motivations, characters, and underlying themes. It’s a specialized study within the more comprehensive lore.

An army of dedicated Sith! Picture credit to

MARTIN (cont.): My leadership experience and education bring a unique perspective, breaking down the Sith’s leadership styles, decision-making, and strategies while drawing real-world parallels. This perspective makes the content relevant beyond Star Wars. Over time, as we continue to evolve these themes, I believe listeners will appreciate our unique blend of lore, leadership, and life lessons within the Geek News Now lineup.

Final Word

What is the appeal of the Sith? Some fans from The GNN Greats (a Facebook group for Geek News Now) shared their ideas:

“No rules basically.” said Janae Elix.

Cam Fisher posited: “The fact that most of the Sith have more compelling character motivations and arcs than the Jedi.”

Dr. Martin and his podcast The Sith Dominion can be found every Tuesday night at 8 P.M. CT on the Geek News Now Official YouTube channel! I’m not huge into Sith, but even I admit that it’s intriguing to examine their power structure. So I’ll be tuning in and you Star Wars and Sith fans should too!

Are you a big fan of the Sith? Comment below! Check out this Geek News Now article about “Five Underrated Sith Lords”! Also, subscribe to Geek News Now and give its Facebook page a like!

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